what is better than tulle and flowers?

I have been really excited about this little painting project I've been working on.  I adore painting murals but they can be time consuming.  So a few night ago, I've decided to paint a little mural on an armoire I have in my living room.  Some of my projects are planned in my head way in advance but then sometimes an idea would pop in my head and I would grab my paint brush and start painting away.  Those are my favorite kind of projects.  Here is a sneak peek of what has been going on at my work table.

The funny thing is I stayed up all night finishing the piece and couldn't even fall asleep because I was all excited about the photo shoot today.  Then both of the girls woke up sick and we have to prepare for another snow storm tomorrow.  Really, snow? Finally I got everyone settled in and set up my shoot and nothing was going right.  The pictures keep coming out blurry and the lighting was off.  I am new to this whole using a "real" camera deal and I know I have a lot to learn.

 Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.  Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy inside.


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  1. Reading this in August, so relating to a snow day seems strange. '-)