Circle Garden Bed

I don't know how to sit still.  I am literally moving at all times.  Even when I am standing or just sitting, I find myself swaying from side to side.  I swear I wasn't always like that.  I don't know what changed but I simply accepted this as my new reality.  This is what happened when I got one Saturday off with no children.  It started with one little plant then the circle got bigger and bigger until it turned into a big circle garden bed in the middle of my yard.  

Then of course I had to finish the whole bed in one day because I just CAN'T STOP myself.  It all started at 9 in the morning and by 6 that evening, I was covered in dirt and sweat and can hardly stand up straight.  

Where the wheelbarrow is another huge cottage garden area.  I think it will be my project for next year to add more colors.  Also to paint the shed is on my to do list.

Sexy Rexy Rose is my new favorite right now.  It is just so beautiful.

I added Blue Aster, Summer Phlox, and Cosmo.

My front yard garden is still blooming away.

 As in a true cottage style, flowers bloom on top of one another in abundant.

I like to think that I am officially done adding more flowers to the gardens for the season.  Then again, I live my life on impulses.  Some obsessions are simply too good to give up.



A poem and a garden

I found this poem one day when I was researching about Delphiniums.  It was written by a poet named Ernestine Northover and I thought it sums up my love for flowers and gardening so perfectly.

Delphiniums of Blue

Come follow me down the garden path, 
Past the flowerbeds, planted neat.
Around the sweetbriar's scented hedge, 
To the old carved wooden seat.

A tranquil arbour, where within its shade, 
Lies a sheltered quiet place.
We'll hear music from the singing birds, 
And let our eyes embrace.

There's clematis along the grey stone wall, 
There's a maple's vivid hue.
Pots of red and pink geraniums, 
And delphiniums of blue.

The pond's azure sky, mirror image, 
Under which the goldfishes play.
Elegant water lilies with their floating leaves, 
Recall a painting by Monsieur Monet.

This garden is a treasure and a blessing, 
Just to wander in between the flowers, 
To feel an informality and a freedom, 
Whilst whiling away the hours.

Hold my hand and we will silently marvel, 
At the beauty that nature can wear.
In this bower that's so hidden and secluded, 
We'll start our secret love affair.



Romantic tent for a summer day

Ode to summer.

Is there anything more romantic than a lace covered tent?

I spent a total of $15 to make this tent.  All you need are five pieces of 1 by 2 inch by 8 foot.  I simply tied together two A-shape frames with a fifth piece in the middle with rope.  Instead of sewing the fabric together, I used small tacks to nail the fabric onto the frame.

It is the perfect accessory for the garden.  Of course the perfect place to look at the stars and catch fireflies at night.


To share stories under the twinkling lights.

Or to simply wonder about the magic that is life.


July flowers

Hello July.  How are you here so soon?  The girls and I are back from our quick vacation to Southern California.  We stayed at this beautiful home in Laguna beach.  I should have taken pictures of the house but we spent all of our time out and about.  

This is the view from the house.  It was absolutely amazing.  Clearly Aurora was not very impressed by the view.  The house has a pretty little garden for this garden obsessed mama.

I seriously need this couch.  The girls and I came back home and it was pretty much decided that we need to be in Southern California.  I think we are ready for the next adventure in our lives.  Now that we are home, we are falling back to our normal routines.  It is amazing how quickly weed can grow.  I was gone for four days and my gardens look like jungles.  

Spring time in the garden is all about purple and blue but come summer, it is all about white.

My New Dawn roses are still going strong.

Flower carpet roses bloom abundantly.

Delphiniums from the backyard garden.

Here is a rose plant I thought was a goner.  It is proving me wrong.

If fairies were real, I think this is where they take their baths.

I am so in love with fairy roses.  I am thinking about planting a whole row of them just like my flower carpet roses.

Do you ever plant something and then forget what it is called?  Well, I adore this rose but I don't know what it is.  When I think of roses, I think of this.  It is absolutely beautiful.

Happy Gardening, friends!