Circle Garden Bed

I don't know how to sit still.  I am literally moving at all times.  Even when I am standing or just sitting, I find myself swaying from side to side.  I swear I wasn't always like that.  I don't know what changed but I simply accepted this as my new reality.  This is what happened when I got one Saturday off with no children.  It started with one little plant then the circle got bigger and bigger until it turned into a big circle garden bed in the middle of my yard.  

Then of course I had to finish the whole bed in one day because I just CAN'T STOP myself.  It all started at 9 in the morning and by 6 that evening, I was covered in dirt and sweat and can hardly stand up straight.  

Where the wheelbarrow is another huge cottage garden area.  I think it will be my project for next year to add more colors.  Also to paint the shed is on my to do list.

Sexy Rexy Rose is my new favorite right now.  It is just so beautiful.

I added Blue Aster, Summer Phlox, and Cosmo.

My front yard garden is still blooming away.

 As in a true cottage style, flowers bloom on top of one another in abundant.

I like to think that I am officially done adding more flowers to the gardens for the season.  Then again, I live my life on impulses.  Some obsessions are simply too good to give up.



  1. This is so absolutely beautiful!!! A true cottage garden:) I was never able to sit still when my boys were little either, I think it's because you get so accustomed to be constantly on the go that you just don't know any other state. Now that they're all doing their own thing, I've gone back to being a master of relaxation lol:)

  2. Oh, I saw you were moving to OC. I lived there for 30 years, raised all my boys there...which part of OC are you planning on? I'll have to visit you next time I go back there!

  3. Your cottage gardens truly hold all the beauty of Summer. I could sit in them for hours. Every time I try to plant wild flowers they dry up abd die. I water and water but this drought and our heatwaves have made gardening difficult. So I will admire yours xo

  4. Beautiful! I have so enjoyed seeing your gardens this summer, and you have inspired me to try out some new blooms here. I love the variety and all of the color - really pretty! Our new peonies never came up so I'll try again next spring.

  5. It looks gorgeous, Victoria! I love the English garden look with all of the colors. I may take some inspiration from you when I am planting next spring :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful! I am like that too - I find it hard to just sit and relax! :) You have so much creative energy! You inspire me!

  7. I admire your energy! Your garden is just the look that I strive for but never attain. I like the carefree English garden look. It's just so hot here in TX. Thanks for sharing the beauty, Victoria!

  8. So pretty Victoria. I am the same way I always want to be doing something in the garden or house. Have a great week end.

  9. Looks beautiful Victoria and I love how the colors go together!

  10. Victoria, Your yard is a fairy tale....I dream of having a yard that beautiful!

  11. I just love your garden Victoria. Our gardens are always a work in progress and you are certainly making it more enchanting and lovelier with each pretty flower that you add. I don't think we can add too many flowers. For me, the more the better.

    Great job with your garden sweet Victoria.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday.


  12. I adore your gardens, Victoria, because they truly are cottage style gardens! You have the best mix of flowers and colors, and I love how they grow into each! I just know your darling girls are going to plant gardens when they grow up!
    Mary Alice

  13. Victoria, love all the work you have put into your yard that blooms such a cottage feel... The tall mature pine trees are amazing boardering the grounds, and the grey shed is supper cool, I bet you could decorate that with holiday wreaths, and Summer boquets.

    You really have space for your girls to nurture.


  14. Welcome back Victoria. Schools starting and I am sure your daughters will have quite the amazing story of what they did on their Summer vacation. Looking forward to seeing photos of Burma.
    Thanks for your visit and your sweet comment, you've been missed!