A poem and a garden

I found this poem one day when I was researching about Delphiniums.  It was written by a poet named Ernestine Northover and I thought it sums up my love for flowers and gardening so perfectly.

Delphiniums of Blue

Come follow me down the garden path, 
Past the flowerbeds, planted neat.
Around the sweetbriar's scented hedge, 
To the old carved wooden seat.

A tranquil arbour, where within its shade, 
Lies a sheltered quiet place.
We'll hear music from the singing birds, 
And let our eyes embrace.

There's clematis along the grey stone wall, 
There's a maple's vivid hue.
Pots of red and pink geraniums, 
And delphiniums of blue.

The pond's azure sky, mirror image, 
Under which the goldfishes play.
Elegant water lilies with their floating leaves, 
Recall a painting by Monsieur Monet.

This garden is a treasure and a blessing, 
Just to wander in between the flowers, 
To feel an informality and a freedom, 
Whilst whiling away the hours.

Hold my hand and we will silently marvel, 
At the beauty that nature can wear.
In this bower that's so hidden and secluded, 
We'll start our secret love affair.



  1. Love this!!! Seriously beautiful pictures to go along with the beautiful poem. Of course I always love seeing your photogenic daughters captured in the pictures. Gorgeous. Happy Week End.

  2. Stunning pictures as always and I loved the poem! Your blog is always so dreamy!
    Jennelise xo

  3. Your cottage gardens are a Summer place of dreams. xo

    1. Kerrie, how are your roses?? I thought of you when it drizzled for about a minute when we were in California.

  4. Beautiful poetry and an equally beautiful garden! Your girls are so gorgeous, little flowers themselves:)

    1. Thank you, Victoria. It is a lot of works but so worth it.

  5. You do know you are as delightful as your garden, right? Lovely.

  6. What a beautiful post Victoria. I love all the pretty wild flowers. They add so much color and charm to a garden. The poem is perfect too.

    Your girls have become the perfect models and subject.

    Have a wonderful Sunday.


  7. Beautiful words of garden poetry... Fitting for your garden of wild.
    Such a beautiful bed of flowers to rest your heart on.

    Your Garden Victoria has really taken off, next year you will be over grown and in awww! to what once was.

    See you and your beauty soon.
    How was your So. Calif Laguna beach holiday?


    1. Thank you, Dore. Hope you and your daughter are enjoying California summer. We loved our Laguna beach holiday. Right now we are at the very beginning stage of relocating to west coast and hopefully to the OC area. fingers crossed!