Guest room and Crib Head Board turned Shabby French

I am the biggest procrastinator there ever lived.  In college, no matter if it was a mid-term or a final or any paper, I always started at midnight the day of.  True Story.  The last day of my Literature final, a girl from my class came up to me after the test and said, " I just wanted you to know I think you are really annoying.  You never come to class.  I know you don't ever turn in your papers on time.  I really don't understand how you get good grades.  You suck.  Have a nice life."  That really happened.  And she was right.  I don't know what it is about me but I just work better under pressure.  I have not changed my ways since those days.  I knew for months that my parents would be coming in July.  For some reason, I just can not bring myself to turn the playroom into a guest room.  Partly because I have no extra budget to work on it.  Also because if any project involved me painting a room, I avoid it like a plague.  So of course two days before my parents were supposed to be here, I panicked and started on the guest room.  This headboard was the first project.  Actually it is not even a headboard.  It is a piece of Bella's crib that I saved.  Here it is in its glory...covered in stickers.

Like I said, I have not planned or shopped for this room.  So I had to use whatever scraps I have to make it work.  There were some extra Efex appliques I got from Maison Decor.   I cut them into pieces and used contact cement to put them on the head board.  Trust me when I was working on this, I kept kicking myself for not planning this out and having more appliques to work on.

I think you can probably tell from these pictures that my work hours begin after everyone is in bed.  Choosing the color is always tough for me.  I feel like there is this constant struggle between wanting to try colors and sticking to my grays.  Of course when you don't plan things ahead, you find yourself with very little options.  All I had were chalk paint® in Old White and a teeny bit of Paris Grey.  I painted it with Old White then realized the last time I visited Maison Decor, Amy was kind enough to send me home with Gilders Paste   Oh how I love that wax.  Gilders Paste is a wax based medium that can used to highlight or color.  It works as a perfect gilding wax.  I used Gilders Paste in Celtic Bronze to highlight all the details then went over it with dark wax.  It is not my best work but it will have to do for now.

This room truly is let work with whatever we can find in the house kind of room.  I have a queen size mattress but only a king size box spring and no frame...curtains became bed skirts...sheets became curtains...mix match bedding.

This mirror is truly amazing.  I think it make up for everything else.  I paired it with my beloved velvet French chair.  Every guest room needs a comfy seat to enjoy a book or two.

This little dresser brings a little formality to the room.  I realized I am running out of mirrors but what I do have is ridiculous amount of chairs.  I paired the dresser with two Victorian parlor chairs.

A few of my mother's favorites.

The guest room is the smallest room in the house but I like to think it is packed with character and charm.  The perfect place to put your head down and dream about the possibilities of a brand new day.


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