Can you believe it is almost summer?  It doesn't even feel like spring at all here.  Every morning we wake up and are greeted with dark sky and rain.  I guess mother nature is telling me to put down my gardening tools and pick up a book or two.  I know I have been absent from blogging world for awhile.  Tell you the truth, I just didn't know what else to post.  I guess I didn't really started blogging because I love decorating and stuff.  I mean I love looking at pretty pictures in magazines and such but I have never been the type to care much about lamps or curtains or home accessories.  What I love doing are projects that allow me to be creative.  As creatives, those burst of inspirations come and go.  Somewhere along the blogging journey, I felt myself comparing and contrasting and forcing myself to do things just because.  So I took a break...read a lot...got a lot of art pieces...took lots of pictures...and live freely.

When the weather lets me, I find myself spending countless hours mending our 13 garden beds...yes 13!! What was I thinking????


We celebrated birthdays.  We ate lots of cakes.  A new lady in green joined us.  I found this 4 1/2 foot tall antique frame for twenty something dollars and I think she suits it very well.

The girls and I still go for our treasure hunts on weekends.  Sometimes we get lucky and find thing like this gorgeous blue trunk for $10.  We celebrate, by that I mean, I celebrate and they humor me.  We go for our stroll through a book store followed by our favorite Thai lunch.

Chairs move around like musical chairs.

New things pop up randomly...sometimes they are seven foot portrait.

Life, of course, is constantly moving.  Sometimes it is a smooth stream and other time a rough sea.  It has taken me almost four and half years of rediscovering myself to finally find my rhythm..to dance to the beat of my own drum...to be one with my own soul.  May your soul be well.