There is a little corner of magic at our local library.


I took these pictures with my phone.  It really felt like you walked into another world.  The sky above is just canopy of golden leaves.

Below you is a carpet of magic.

Oh, Autumn.  You had me at Hello.



Weekend Thoughts

How quickly weekend flies by.  The girls and I had a busy weekend of wedding and cupcakes.  On Saturday we drove into Boston for my cousin's wedding.  I love weddings....I cry at every wedding.  It is such a happy occasion and the idea of two people making that commitment to spend the rest of their lives together pulls at my heartstrings.  We, by that I mean, I wanted to have all three of us dress up in our suits and take over the dance floor.  

How adorable are they with their little velvet tuxedo jackets and bow ties?? After the wedding, we met up with friends and walked around Newbury Street.  They had their very first George Town cupcakes.  We got home late at night and both of the girls went to bed within two minutes of getting home.  As I was laying in bed last night, I thought a lot about our lives.  I guess before I had kids, I was never really been the type of person to LOVE children.  I mean I like them but I guess I never really thought about being a mom or wanting to be a mom.  

Then these little people came along and they changed my life.  I know it is cliche but for me, motherhood has made my life more....meaningful.  All of a sudden, here they are...the next generation of human beings and that is what they are...individuals with their own thoughts and needs and ideas.  

For me, parenthood is not just about simply raising these children with love and support but also making sure that these little people would someday become the people who care and attribute something good to this society and earth.  Of course there are many challenging days.  There are days when I am literally reduced to tears from feeling overwhelmed.  I am constantly asking myself if I am saying the right things or doing the right things?  Am I supporting them enough?  Am I also firm enough so they don't get spoiled?  In the midst of temper tantrums and melt downs...

there are moments when they show you how brilliant and strong they really are.

Motherhood is hard and it really does takes a village to raise good people.  As I walked around the house on this gloomy Sunday, I felt so thankful for my village.  


I felt inspired by strong women before me.

The women who took the time to raise me and shape me into the person I am today.

Thank you.



Cranberry Walnut Scones

My love for any kind of bake goods knows no boundaries.  I mean I am kind of a dessert snob though.  If I am going to consume that much amount of sugar and butter, it has better be the best dessert I ever had.  Imagine being minutes away from one of the most amazing bakery you have ever been to...where every dessert and every piece bread is being baked right in the kitchen and they all just taste oh so good.  Yup.  That is my life every day since my favorite bakery Pan'e Dolcetti opened almost two years ago.  The girls and I start our days there.  Almost nothing makes me more happy than taking a bite out of a warm and decadent scone that just came right out of the oven. Felice, the owner of the bakery, was kind enough <I may have forced him just a bit> to share the recipe for the yummiest Cranberries Walnut Scones.

Wouldn't they make the perfect breakfast for the morning after Thanksgiving??? Or even the morning of.  Here are step by step pictures.

475 g flour
88 g sugar
10 g Baking Powder
9 g Salt
1/3 lbs Butter
6 oz Milk
4 oz Heavy Cream
3/4 tsp Vanilla
2 g Cinnamon
112.5 g Walnut
112.5 g Cranberries

Soak Cranberries in hot water.  Chop Walnuts.  Mix all ingredients in mixer.  Spread the dough and roll it out to 1 inch thick.  Cut out triangles.  Mix 1 egg with a dash of salt and brush over each scone then sprinkle raw sugar over it.  Bake at 375 degree for 8 minutes and check then bake for eight more minutes.  And Enjoy!!!



Books Covered Art Case Tutorial

Lets be curious.

That I am.  Always curious.  My mind is a jumble of ideas, questions, and thoughts.  Once I have an idea stuck in my head, I will stop at nothing to make it happen.  To be able to create with no restrictions is one of the best feelings in the world for me.  I think this art case is the best example of that.

I love books.  I love the feel of them...the smell of them.  Sometimes I go to flea markets and I would see tables full of old books just sitting there and I feel sad.  I don't even know why.  I always bring a few of them home for 25 cents a book.  I have a lot of books all hiding in book shelves and I love the idea of books somehow being apart of my every day life.    Originally I did this art case as a Christmas present for B but I love it so much I stole it back from him.  : )

I absolutely adore this art case.  It costs less than five dollars to make since I already had the case and you can buy old books for very cheap at flea markets.  The fun part, of course, is picking the right book covers.  Here is what you will need for your very own books covered art case.  Book covers, suitcase or art case and hot glue gun.

I love these old beat up suitcases for some reasons.  Look at the hardware.

Keep in mind that the bigger the case is, the more books you are going to need.  After saying your parting words, rip the cover off the book.

Cut the spine of the book.

Look how gorgeous the art work is on the cover.

Next hot glue the spine of the book to the case.

Make sure you don't glue the spines too flat.  You will want it to look like if the books are just causally placed on the case.

I love to use all different parts of the cover for this project.

Have fun picking the titles of the books.  Play around with colors.

Viola.  Now you have your own one of a kind art case.

Happy Creating, my friends.



Sometimes a girl just have to paint...

Sometimes, after I put the girls to bed for the night, I find myself feeling restless.Of course there are lots of things I should be and could be doing. Last night was one of those nights.  I had chairs I should be working on for clients.  I had laundry I should be folding and piles of book I could be reading but I didn't want to do any of those.  I found myself walking into my work room staring at sea of chairs I have been hoarding collecting.  I pulled out a French love seat I have been wanting to reupholster for awhile.  I went to my paint cabinet and pulled out my little art case.  While Mat Kearney singing softly in the background, I painted...and painted.

I painted the upholstery with half Annie Sloan chalk paint in Antoinette and half water mixture.  I let it dry for a few hours.  Ideally you should let it dry for at least 24 hours.

I am not a trained painter.  I am however inspired by amazing artists such as Katie Rodger of Paper Fashion.  She has this ability to use paint to create such magical images.  Is there anything more beautiful than magic of paint and ladies in gorgeous gowns?

Painting on fabric is definitely a lot more different from canvas.  I wanted the painting to be soft and feminine.

Originally I thought Bella might like it but when I showed her this morning, she said, "Well, isn't that a silly thing?"  I guess she doesn't like "anything pretty" anymore.
Instead of hiding in my work room until I get a chance to reupholster it, now this lovely chair can be in Aurora's room.

  Be Different.  Be Weird.  Be You.


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