Books Covered Art Case Tutorial

Lets be curious.

That I am.  Always curious.  My mind is a jumble of ideas, questions, and thoughts.  Once I have an idea stuck in my head, I will stop at nothing to make it happen.  To be able to create with no restrictions is one of the best feelings in the world for me.  I think this art case is the best example of that.

I love books.  I love the feel of them...the smell of them.  Sometimes I go to flea markets and I would see tables full of old books just sitting there and I feel sad.  I don't even know why.  I always bring a few of them home for 25 cents a book.  I have a lot of books all hiding in book shelves and I love the idea of books somehow being apart of my every day life.    Originally I did this art case as a Christmas present for B but I love it so much I stole it back from him.  : )

I absolutely adore this art case.  It costs less than five dollars to make since I already had the case and you can buy old books for very cheap at flea markets.  The fun part, of course, is picking the right book covers.  Here is what you will need for your very own books covered art case.  Book covers, suitcase or art case and hot glue gun.

I love these old beat up suitcases for some reasons.  Look at the hardware.

Keep in mind that the bigger the case is, the more books you are going to need.  After saying your parting words, rip the cover off the book.

Cut the spine of the book.

Look how gorgeous the art work is on the cover.

Next hot glue the spine of the book to the case.

Make sure you don't glue the spines too flat.  You will want it to look like if the books are just causally placed on the case.

I love to use all different parts of the cover for this project.

Have fun picking the titles of the books.  Play around with colors.

Viola.  Now you have your own one of a kind art case.

Happy Creating, my friends.



  1. Oh Victoria I love this. My daughter loves books too. She loves the smell of them, to hold them etc. etc.
    This would be a perfect gift for her. Love this so much.

  2. So cool Victoria! Love the photo of you striking a pose, the case goes great with your hip style.

  3. So cool Victoria! Love the photo of you striking a pose, the case goes great with your hip style.

  4. It is hard for me to tear books apart but I love the idea. You have sparked my imagination.

  5. Love your creative mind Victoria. Very chic idea, you made me laugh that you created it for B as a gift and took it back! I think you look pretty in your photograph.

  6. The finished art case looks awesome, Victoria! So creative.

  7. Love to you, too, Victoria! Today we went to a town 30 miles away to buy Chalk Paint and went to Lowe
    s for moldimg, etc. We did not need any of the trim to bend so we stuck with our local stores. This project is for turning a chest freezer into a work of art like the fridge you inspired me to do years ago. We had to move our chest freezer out of our storage shed....onto our condo deck....no problem....because of Victoria inspiration....I will make it a piece of furniture! Thank you again for all of your inspiration. CeCe

  8. HI Victoria, I have always created with books, the pages, the bindings, the covers, but like you I find the ones that are so poor in shape and worth nothing other then art. If it's in beautiful old shape I don't have the heart in tearing it up, but the said ones with less life in them so deserved to be honored as to being art. Your art case is stylish, and savvy, and if anyone could pull off creating such a show stopper it would be you my dear :)

    I seriously could see you molding for Anthropologie with your case, edgy, and oh so altered fashion statement.


  9. Love love love this project Victoria-so creative and useful!

  10. Thank you Victoria, for your beautiful words over at my place, you my girl need to be featured studio and all in where women create.

    See you soon