Books and more books

Hello, friends.
          I know I have been away for so long.  Life here has been wonderful.  It is quiet.  There are lots of reading and just simply living involved.  I really haven't done much projects lately and that is why I haven't blogged much.  I started doing hot yoga four days a week and the girls and I spend a lot times at the library.  Our Aurora just turned five and she is ever fabulous.

She knows her art and artists.  She loves her impressionist artists but last week we started talking about Matisse and Picasso.  Every morning she wants me to teach her about a new artist and quiz her about all the other ones she knows.  We are working on Rembrandt right now.  She is something else.   

I thought I share with you a little project I have been *slowly...very slowly* working on.  This is a wall in Bella's room.  Originally I thought I would leave it white but clearly I can't just leave things alone.  I knew all of my old books hoarding habit would come in handy.  Here is her book covers wall.  I am working on small section at a time because I want to be really picky about the titles of the books.

Bella is hard to impress.  She is my old soul.  

Here is Aurora's room.  She said she needs art in her room and she is right.  We went to Isabella Gardner Museum a month or so ago and she came home with this idea that if her sister is named after a museum then she is going to have her own museum.  She said, "Mommy, I want to name our house, Aurora Phoenix museum, and I need you to get more antiques and make little signs that say, Do not touch.  Everyone has to pay me money to get in."

Spring is almost here, ladies.  You know what that means, I got my gardening hat ready!