July flowers

Hello July.  How are you here so soon?  The girls and I are back from our quick vacation to Southern California.  We stayed at this beautiful home in Laguna beach.  I should have taken pictures of the house but we spent all of our time out and about.  

This is the view from the house.  It was absolutely amazing.  Clearly Aurora was not very impressed by the view.  The house has a pretty little garden for this garden obsessed mama.

I seriously need this couch.  The girls and I came back home and it was pretty much decided that we need to be in Southern California.  I think we are ready for the next adventure in our lives.  Now that we are home, we are falling back to our normal routines.  It is amazing how quickly weed can grow.  I was gone for four days and my gardens look like jungles.  

Spring time in the garden is all about purple and blue but come summer, it is all about white.

My New Dawn roses are still going strong.

Flower carpet roses bloom abundantly.

Delphiniums from the backyard garden.

Here is a rose plant I thought was a goner.  It is proving me wrong.

If fairies were real, I think this is where they take their baths.

I am so in love with fairy roses.  I am thinking about planting a whole row of them just like my flower carpet roses.

Do you ever plant something and then forget what it is called?  Well, I adore this rose but I don't know what it is.  When I think of roses, I think of this.  It is absolutely beautiful.

Happy Gardening, friends!



  1. Your garden is spectacular, Victoria!! All of your flowers look so healthy, and everything is flourishing. I'm having garden envy right now!
    Mary Alice

  2. oh Victoria, your garden is so beautiful. love the pic of the rose with the little puddles of water. precious.

  3. I'd love to visit Cali again---it looks like you and your girls stayed at a wonderful place. Not sure where you live now but it sounds like Laguna Beach is a wonderful place to start new adventures!

    You know how I love your gardens! Keep up the great work and beauty!

    Jane x

  4. Victoria,
    Your fairy roses are absolute perfection I want to try growing them. Your garden is thriving in your care.
    Sounds like you've made up your mind about moving and starting a new chapter in life's picture book one full of adventure. Sounds exciting for you and the girls.

  5. I hope you will be able to move before Winter so that you do not have to be buried in snow again. It looks like you were in a beautiful Southern California area. California is a wonderful place to live. You will be able to garden year round! xxo

  6. Your garden is so beautiful, Victoria. I lived in CA for 16 years - and loved that you can pretty much garden year-round. :)
    Have a happy one.

  7. Beautiful gardens Victoria. And I agree with Mary Alice, everything looks so healthy! I love the shot of the rain filled rose, so romantic.
    xo Sally

  8. Hi Victoria,
    So happy you had a great vacation get a way with the girls. That view is gorgeous from the balcony.
    Your pictures of your lovely garden are so beautiful. Happy 4th this week end to you and the girls.

  9. Beautiful! I love white flowers in a garden, especially love how they can light up a garden at night. I honeymooned in California may years ago and loved it and always hoped to go back and visit.