Naptime Fairy

It all started with Naptime Fairy Tutus and Pretty Things.  It was a little business that my dear friend Jen and I started.  We would make tutus and crowns and capes and what not.  It was probably one of the best times of my life.  We were two moms who were in search of our old selves and trying to do something that was going to challenge us.   She taught me how to sew.  I received a sewing machine as a Mother Day gift a year before and never even opened the box. 

I was raising the girliest of girls so it only made sense that I would learn to sew a tutu first.  I was hooked!!! I even used my wedding dress to make a tutu.  I imagine little girls in their flower crowns wearing my tutus and running through a field of wild flowers.  It was such an amazing creative outlet for me.  We would go to craft fairs and sell our stuffs.   It was called Naptime fairy because we could only sew during nap time.  Then nap times disappeared and the two of us were too busy to be Naptime fairies.  I still adore all the tutus I dreamed up and sew.


This fabric is from the train of my wedding dress.  I had a traditional burmese wedding so I could choose any color I wanted.  The beading and craftsmanship of the dress is too beautiful for me to not share.

This armoire was one of the very first pieces of furniture I bought.  Kevin, the owner of the flea market I go to sold it to me for very cheap because he broke the glass door.  So I took out the door completely and painted it white.  It sat in my living room for a few years but I knew it was destined to be something a bit more colorful.

I think as an artist I am constantly being inspired by everything around me.  Paintings, photographs, flowers, people or even songs.  This piece in particular was inspired by the muted color palettes of the tutus and my beloved flower crowns.  It is painted in pale pink then I hand painted little buds of flowers growing on vines.

Normally I don't like color but I think I was thinking of spring bouquets when I painted this piece.
Isn't it the perfect place to hang all of my tutus? But what I love about this armoire is how feminine and whimsy it looks.  I can see it in my room too...filled with vintage dresses.
I am nervous for the girls to even see this.  If they could, they would sleep, eat, play and live in tutus.

I love making flower crowns.  For almost every summer party, I make flower crowns for the girls and I.

 I want them to believe in fairy tales.  To imagine and to dream.  Because if you have enough courage to dream, you will have enough courage to live it.


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  1. Love your beautiful creations!! Your girls are so precious too! Thanks for sharing. New Follower!

  2. Victoria, I love that last statement! Your creations are precious. As is the photo of you and your dear little ones! The armoire is perfect with the sweet little pink buds. Those tutu's made from your wedding gown are a real treasure! Thanks for sharing with SYC. Happy to be a new follower.

  3. Oh, my the photos of you and your girls are absolutely stunning. Your tutus are so pretty. I can just imagine how a little girl would feel dressed in one of your creations. Your wedding gown fabric is gorgeous.