Vintage paper dolls and a snow day

I am officially living inside a snow globe.  I mean we are literally stuck.  My girls wake up in the morning and they ask "where are we going? who are we seeing? what is the plan for today?"  Nada, girls, absolutely nada.  Then you can see their little brains go on overdrive with requests.  "Can we have a cupcake?  I mean like half chocolate and half vanilla cupcake...I want to go and see Frozen for the hundred time.  How are you going to entertain us mom?????"  This is all happening at 7:30 in the morning.  I realized then that I was going to get absolutely nothing done today.

I really didn't want them to watch TV all day.  So I decided to print out little paper dolls for them to play dress up with.  I found these vintage ballerina paper dolls from this awesome site called http://victorianembroiderypatterns.blogspot.com/.

They are gorgeous.  The girls picked out which dolls and dresses they want.  We set up a little "paper theater" on my chalkboard.

It took about three hours to make.

They were done playing with it in twenty minutes.

Now about the next five hours...



  1. You are a very special mom! This was a great idea, even if they only played for 20 minutes. Another day…….