A little space of my own

I have some exciting news! Well, exciting for me anyway.  I finally have my own work/craft room!  Like most moms, I do my crafts and sewing on whatever counter space is available.  I cut my fabric on the living room floor...sew on the dinning table...paint in the sun room.  All of my supplies are spread throughout the house and when it comes time to use it, I can never find them.  We have a small ranch style home with not a lot of room to spare.  There are three bed rooms for each one of us, a living room,a dinning room,a kitchen and then a room that could be qualified as a sun room.  The biggest room in our house used to be a garage then the previous owner turned it into a family room but never put in a radiator.  We have to use a space heater to warm up the room.  I turned that room into the girls' playroom but they never go in it.  So I dream and dream of a little space that was all my own...surrounded by things I love.  But it was just a dream.
Then about a few weeks ago, the girls decided they want to share a room and they have been sleeping in my older daughter, Bella's room.  A little light bulb in my head went off.  I can put all of their toys into Aurora's room and turn their huge playroom into my work studio!  So that is what I have been doing for the last week...a lot of moving things around and painting and planning the set up of the room.
There are so many inspirations on Pinterest.  I could live in any one of these craft rooms.  Get ready for serious eye candies.


I love the white washed floor to all the laces and ruffles of the room.  Even though it might be a bit too girly for my taste, I can still imagine myself drinking my tea and sewing away.


Look at all the yummy chippiness (is that even a word? ) I am a sucker for white beaded ceiling and floor.


I know I am going to be building another farm table as a sewing/craft table.  I mean look at that painted ruler on the side of the table. Ahhh mazing!


I just want to live in this room.  Enough said.


The chandelier to tulle to ballet slipper.  This room is a dream.


I love everything Rachel Ashwell does.  This woman created the shabby chic life style.  Her office has the perfect balances of airiness and pretty.  Her blog is so beautiful too. Check it out.


I found this picture from ohhellofriend blog.  I don't know if it is the original source or not but I NEED it.  I WANT it.



Do you have your own space to create? A place to dream and escape.



  1. I do....we moved in August last year and I haven't used it ... too many holidays, work and now Olympics have been interfering with my creative time, and of course the house itself has been my canvas and will continue to be for the next year....Ah well!!! I created a space at one end of our basement. Deep shelved closet, nice spacious area to spread out and it's right next to some unfinished basement space where I can make a mess with paint etc. I will use it, I will use it....Good luck and have lots fun creating your very well deserved space. Love your style babe!

  2. Good for you! A space of your own for your amazing projects is an excellent idea. Sisters sharing a room is also an excellent idea. My sister and I shared a room growing up. It was a wonderful bonding time. We are still very close and the best of friends.