Gustavian style console

It has been rainy and gloomy all day.  I wish I could just relax and read a book while the girls play quietly but we all know those days are long gone.  The girls are so excited for Christmas and I am so excited for Christmas trees and Christmas music and Christmas cookies.  We had a quiet weekend and I got a chance to paint a Gustavian style console.  I got it at a flea market months ago and actually forgot about it until this weekend.  It isn't made out of real wood but I like the way it looks.

You know when it comes to my furniture or anything in life really...I love my bling bling.  Then I would look at pictures from other amazing blogs and see their simple French farm house or Gustavian style decor and I drool over them.  I have these daydreams of waking up in an old farm house and galloping with horses and baking pies from scratch while my children in their prairie dresses tend our pet chickens and sheep.  Aren't daydreaming so much fun?  Since the likelihoods of me galloping with wild horses or my two divas tending our pet chickens are slim to none, I had to settle for a simple painted Gustavian style console.

I painted the console with Chalk Paint® in Paris Grey and went over every detail with dark wax.

A simple small Christmas tree inside a metal bucket completed the look.

How gorgeous is this big gilded mirror?

I am going back to my upholstery class on Saturday and I can't wait to get started with upholstery projects.  I actually miss doing upholstery.  I have done small projects like dinning room chairs and foot stool but nothing crazy like my daybed.  I can't wait to get my crazy out!


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  1. Victoria, I love it! xooxI have a tree in a galvanized bucket too. I've been slowly putting things out early this year. xoxo

  2. Such a pretty table. I love the color and it shows the beautiful detail on the table so well.

    1. Thank you so much, Marty. I think lighter color brought out the details better too.

  3. Love how your table turned out. And the mirror above it is gorgeous!!
    Mary Alice

  4. Your console is so lovely Victoria. It must feel like a fairy tale for your girls in your cottage castle. Love your vintage Sleeping Beauty book. Sigh

  5. Victoria the table is so beautiful. Great job. I cannot wait to see a day bed reupholstered from you.
    Have fun with decorating for Christmas with the girls.

  6. Great table-love the simple sometimes too! The mirror is great!

  7. You turned a ho-hum table into an eye-catcher!

  8. I'm like you, just when I think I'm finally completing a room, I fall in love with other styles and then want to redecorate! I guess that's why I cannot seem to complete decorating my home. I love how your console table turned out. Small evergreens are really trending on Pinterest. Looks so adorable alongside your table.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  9. Victoria,
    Love your fantasy daydream with horses on a French farm house baking fresh pies for your girls. My day dream is living in Tuscany with olive trees and sheep! Your table turned out lovely, the mirror is really grand. Great vintage books. I also love placing small trees around our house for the Christmas season. I think they look wonderful ... simple but elegant. Us too with rain all day, plus it's really cool.

  10. be careful what you dream about. The brain has a way of making dreams come true! Or the cosmos if you prefer to think that way. I think your dream will come true. The console is lovely. 'When I've used Paris Grey and dark wax, it doesn't look quite as white as your console. Is this the light making it look less gray? Love the juxtaposition of the simple console with the elaborate mirror. Joyeux...Kathryn in southern California

    1. Kathryn, I forgot to mention after I use dark wax, I always dry brush over the piece with the same color....I think it gives any piece more dimension. There is a chance that we might be moving to Southern California in the future and I keep thinking where am I going to find a farm house or an old Victorian home there.

  11. depending on your budget for Southern California homes....old homes can be found in San Diego, Redlands, San Francisco and lots of little towns along the coast as well as inland. They are not cheap! Unless it's in a less desirable area...then you can get them for practically nil! Good luck. (Kathryn)

  12. Love the painting reflected in that gorgeous mirror. What are you going to work on in upholstery class? Remember, I am living vicariously through you.

  13. Beautiful piece and I love the finish! So glad you linked this up at Found & Foraged too. :) xo!

  14. Get your crazy on girl!! We so love you for it.
    Love the transformation to the G-table it's a great look and the paint tone up styled it to what's going on now with pieces like these. The mirror is super cool, and knowing you will find many great places to move it around to.
    As for getting back to upholstering, I have dabbled in it a bit, I can do so but fear it because I have not really been properly trained in doing so. You encourage me to get into a class, and prefect this art. I wish I had some pieces I have done other then the one French chair in my sitting room. I may also challenge the raw French barrel chair, the reason as to not doing that chair when I acquired it, it was only to stage with, and a haunting chair for my porch filled with pumpkins and webs and an old mirror. Someone split a leg on it and drove a long drywall screw through the side of the leg. Would be ok if the joint of the leg was the problem, but it's the actual leg itself that's split. So I am not sure I want to put that much investment I to upholstering the chair. Unless I can shove it into a corner where it won't get sat on often, keeping the weight to a minimum.... I did think of removing the spring system adding a wood ply-wood cut out seat, paint the whole chair and turn the chair into a corner book stand, where stacks of books could rest on, kind of a chair book rack, then no fear as to its leg. Something you could do as well to a chair of yours.

    I admire your drive, your get going attitude in creating, keep up your beauty Victoria, you are so going somewhere big, real soon.


  15. I love this piece. I love the details. It turned out great.