Because I just can't leave things alone.

I can't figure my living room out.  For such a small house, we have a pretty big living room.  I am constantly moving furniture around to make the room feels inviting and warm.  Usually Wednesdays are Aurora and my antique shopping days.  Bella doesn't get out of school until late afternoon.  Today Aurora decided that she is just done with antiquing.  "No More, tiquing!" she said.  She can't say antique yet.  : )  So I spent the morning moving furniture all around the living room and put our rug down for the winter.  Ladies, how do you keep your rugs clean with dogs?  During summer time, forget about it.  Anyway, I got brave today and pulled out my rug.

I got rid of my big coffee table and put these gorgeous wood crates down as coffee tables.

I was using this blue chair as my dinning room chair but I like it much better next to this gorgeous dresser.  Don't you?  I think it is time for the lace curtains to retire for the season.

The antique daybed used to be right in front of the fire place but I decided to put two velvet chairs down to create another sitting area.  Aurora refused to move from her daybed and the dogs agreed with  her.  So here they are.

We will see how long this set up will last.  So far....I like it.  The best part about this living room is that every single piece of furniture is either from a flea market or side of the street.  Oh and here is a dresser I got recently.  Maybe about a month ago, I found this picture on pinterest and completely fell in love with it.

I love the color combinations and the gorgeous floral patterns.  Wouldn't it be gorgeous as a dresser?  Then I found this dresser a week ago.  The details are gorgeous.  It is the perfect shape and size.

What do you think?  I am excited to get started.  Happy Wednesday to you, my friends.  Hopefully I will get a chance to take pictures of the festivities this weekend.  Yes, the bridal shower is this weekend and as usual this procrastinator is leaving everything last minute.  Some things never change.


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  1. Yay! A new post from Victoria!
    I use oriental rugs because they were designed for punishment! The more abuse the better!
    This room is magical...like an enchanted carousel...always changing...always moving...



  2. Your room is lovely and enchanting. Like your own little fairy tale. sk

  3. Lovely room Victoria-I have decided that I can not keep my rug clean with my dog-so frustrating! He is a big 100 lb. Lab and he brings in a lot of dirt.

  4. I agree that your room is enchanting and magical, Victoria. And that dresser is divine!

  5. Love your furniture moving. Looks great. It is amazing what a little switching up of furniture can do for the room. The pups are adorable photo bombing. Have a great evening.

  6. It's so completely gorgeous! I love the colors. I don't know on the rugs. We adopted a declawed cat. In my daughter's room she has a bunch of those faux sheep skins over the rug and the cat gravitates to anything white. I can just throw them in the wash, then the dryer, and then I brush them out with a hair brush. xoxo

  7. What a sweet home you have. The dogs and the little one are really cute.

  8. Anyway you do the room it looks good. The fur babies are just too precious!

  9. Oh Victoria, so looking forward to what you create here with your new piece, it's going to be divine no matter what you do to it. I am so on the hunt for a big piece do revamp, I am tired of all the smaller projects and need to get my hands onto a big piece. Don't you just love having the space to move things around in, my greeting room is an odd size and with that being said for the pieces I have for that room it's hard to arrange it any different. I would love a hug over sized armoire to paint and perhaps I would put it in my living room so it greets everyone who enters the front door. Love that you can switch it up as you often do, and your pups look to be having fun helping you by being busy in your way. I have to gate our Pia off when I am in the middle of a big project, they don't call our breed of dog Velcro dogs for nothing, it's in there makeup to as how they behave.



  10. Victoria,
    Personally I don't ever want to stop the joy of playing house and the fun of recreating and rearranging! I applaud your energetic spirit to create a beautiful fairytale interior for you, your beautiful sweet girls and those cute as can be fur kid pups. Always enjoy seeing a new post of yours and the next exciting project you are about to start on. Looking forward to seeing what inspires you on your dresser project and the beauty you create.

  11. Although our apartment isn't very big, I still enjoy moving things around! Sometimes I love it, other times it just doesn't sit well with me so I end up putting everything back:) Your new dresser is gorgeous and I know you will make it even more amazing than it already is.

    Your little princess looks so cozy on the daybed, I don't blame her one bit for refusing to move! I hope you'll share pics of the bridal shower:) Good luck with it!!!

  12. Your living room is breathtaking, Victoria!!! The gorgeous chest of drawers, daybed, velvet chairs...all so stunning! And I love how you drew into all your loveliness those wonderful crates!
    Mary Alice

  13. More gorgeousness. I've said this before, and I'll say it again... like an impressionist's painting!

  14. Beautiful! Such cute dogs also, patterned rugs and a Dyson are how I keep our rugs clean (looking). :) If it helps your little charmers couldn't possibly cause much issue, picture living with 2 Saint Bernards, now that is a cleaning challenge. :)

  15. Your photos belong in a highly stylized décor coffee table book! Wow! I am always inspired when I visit your blog! Thank you for sharing!

  16. It looks beautiful. You are lucky to have such a big room. As for keeping the rugs clean, I agree that having a good vacuum is key. It is also a good idea to chose a rug with a pattern, orientals are perfect, so that the dirt does not show so much. Next summer I am going to try scrubbing my rugs outside with Woolite. I heard that is a gentle way to clean them.

  17. LOVED seeing these gorgeous photos and your sweet little dogs. LOVE the new set up and that new dresser! Wow! I'm so jealous! x

  18. I always love stopping by and seeing your beautiful home. Thank you for sharing at THT!

  19. Those boxes are amazing! The pink chair is amazing! The blue chair is amazing! Seriously, it's all amazing! Thanks for sharing! I think it would be great for my new linky party starting this Saturday at 8pm called “Found & Foraged” Can’t wait to party with you at http://www.houseofhipsters.com

  20. Oooh I love those crates! Hello from Silver Pennies Sundays!

  21. Thank you for linking this up with Found & Foraged!! I feel your pain on constant rearranging...my family room is a hopeless case. I'm just waiting for inspiration to strike (and/or money to fall out of the sky) and so far...nada!! Hope to see you back again this Saturday. xo, Laura