To Cali we go.

Where is the time going?  I feel like it is flying by yet I am not getting much of anything done.  Fall welcomed me a cold that lasted for two weeks.  I was utterly useless.  Then the girls went to Disney World with their father this past week and B and I went to California.  We were at this quaint little beach town called San Clemente and it was wonderful.  I have to say the high light of my trip was getting to go to the Getty Museum.  Oh my.  It was such an inspiring experience and exactly what I needed to get my creative juices going again.  They had a great display of French furniture and I was in my furniture heaven.

I apologize for the pictures.  They didn't come out clear since I had to use my phone.  Can we just talk about these chairs?

And this beauty.  I like how the cushions were done.  I am going to have to try it with one of my French chairs.  Oh dreamy velvet.  It just gets better with age.

After seeing this pink and gilded combinations, I decided I need one of these beauties in my living room.

The details! I can't stand it.

I literally wanted to jump on this gorgeous daybed.  It was huge and decadent and just yummy.


Of course I fell in love with this mirror.  

My phone decided to die midway through.  So these were all the pictures I got.  It truly was an amazing experience.  I got two more weeks until Jess's bridal shower.  Then I have so many projects line up and I can't wait to start working on them.  As much as I love the beautiful weather, it feels so good to be home with the girls.  There truly is no place like home.



  1. Hi Victoria,
    How beautiful. Your cell phone pictures are gorgeous. Love those chairs too and that mirror. Oh my! Gorgeous. Glad you had some fun while the girls were with Daddy and Mickey!!

  2. Oh Victoria I love San Clemente. My favorite Aunt lived in a beach cottage overlooking the sea in San Clemente for nearly 30 yrs. I loved visiting her and always dreamed of living there myself. So I know how much fun you must of had!!! So glad you got to get away and enjoy yourself in one of the most beautiful places here in California. Good luck with the bridal shower. It will be enchanting because you are magical. xxo

  3. I love that section of the getty museum. I can imagine having a few good naps in that day bed! And yes the little French chairs are to die for!

  4. Good for you!!! You have a knack for recreating this feeling...I know you enjoyed your time at this fabulous museum!

    Jane xx

  5. That antique mirror is so you. Could easily have been one of your projects! So glad you enjoyed your trip.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  6. Hi Victoria, good to hear that you are feeling better. I really enjoyed your post today as it hit home with me. I just purchased a pink velvet covered lounge and wasn't sure if or how I should paint the timber trim but after seeing these photos I think I have decided. I will be posting about them soon on my blog. take care, Maryann

  7. Truly gorgeous!!! Glad you're home again with your little ones.

  8. Victoria,
    I have a cold... Kleenex boxed attached to my hand, two weeks you had it? YIKES! I've never been to the Getty museum and enjoyed this post. Yup, you're right dreamy velvet is right. I am sure you took home much inspiration for recreating more French chairs in your pretty home.
    Be well, be happy!

  9. You know, I lived in California for 32 years and never went to the Getty!!! It's one of my regrets but hopefully I'll make it there one of these days when we go back to visit family:)

    Those chairs are so very *you* Victoria! Great photo's for inspiration:) Glad you're feeling better, colds are not fun...especially when you have little ones to take care of!

    1. Hi Victoria! Do you still have your blog?? I can't find it! I loved it there. I can't wait to start reupholstering my old chairs...my hoarding room is just getting bigger and bigger with chairs. : )

  10. Sounds like a wonderful getaway, Victoria. Your photos are beautiful and I know we'll be seeing some new fabulous creations by You after all of this inspiration.
    Mary Alice

  11. Victoria, your visit to the Getty I am sure inspired the best in you, and I can not wait to see future pieces come from all that inspired your visit.
    I have family in the area and it's an amazing place to shop for wonderful textiles.
    I so wish you were visiting closer to me, the invite to meet up with you would have been a treat to feed off of you and all your excitement in what has inspired you.

    I so see a mini Getty in your own home, as for the velvets is there any other personality in fabric like velvet.

    Thank you for the blog update.
    Looking forward to what next come from you.


    Ps. The Girls must of had so much fun at Disneyworld :)

  12. You are so right about velvet. It is luscious and delectable and I cannot get enough of it in my life!

  13. We have to be long lost sisters! I WAS adopted, you know! LOL!
    I have to say that you put the Getty Museum to shame with your creativity!
    Come visit my blog, I just posted a poem your princesses might like!