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Hello friends.  Happy October.  Normally the girls and I would be turning our house and yard into a witch coven or a cemetery but this year I have been totally and completely obsessed  with planning my best friend, Jess's bridal shower.  It is not until November but you know I can't do anything small.  She and I, like most crazy women out there, have been planning her wedding and bridal shower since...oh I don't know...before they met.  She always wanted to get married under the rose arbors at a rose garden.  Then he proposed a few months ago and she went all "OMG, I want to get married now and lets do a fall wedding with pumpkins and dried wheat!"  I love you, Jess but what!! I just can't shake that image of my best friend getting married in a flower garden with roses everywhere.  So for her shower, I am turning my house into a rose garden...and I have a month to do it. Can you just feel my craziness coming through your computer screen?  Because I feel it.  Ok, enough venting.  Now you know why I haven't done any projects lately.  I want to share with you my latest find.

You know my love for art...especially large art.  I found this gorgeous frame with a lithograph at the same antique shop where I found my oil painting.  It had to come home with me.

The frame is almost seven foot high and it fits perfectly in my dining room.  I don't think I have ever photographed this room before but here it is.  I built this farm table using tutorial from Miss Mustard Seed.  I painted the top with chalk paint® in Old White then Louis Blue for the bottom. I am not sure why I painted it white...not a good idea with the girls.

Mix matched chairs and shabby chic bunting banner bring a more causal vibe to the room.

I fell in love with the details of the frame first.  How gorgeous is it??  I mean this little fellow is pretty cute too I guess.  You can tell he felt too cool for school in this picture.

I love those shoes!

Does he reminds you of somebody we know?

Actually when Aurora saw it, she said "Wow, Thanks Mom.  You got a painting of me!"  Only my child would think it is normal to have a seven foot painting of herself.

Our house is pretty small with weird layout but we make it work.

It is hard to think about pumpkins and ghosts when all I can think about is planning a rose garden bridal shower.  I just love these pale pink roses.

I can't wait to share more bridal shower projects with you.  You know it is going to be good.


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  1. So pretty! I cannot wait to see what you do for your friends shower!

  2. Wow! I love it, Victoria! I look forward to the magnificent festivities! xoxo

  3. I bet the shower will be gorgeous since you are in charge! Love the frame too!

  4. Your friend, Jess, is in for the most fabulous bridal shower she could ever imagine! I know it will be breathtakingly gorgeous and a stunning one-of-a-kind event.
    Always a treat to see what you've been up to, Victoria!
    Mary Alice

  5. It's all gorgeous. Gosh I love the bucket of roses and your daughter is just adorable.

  6. It is beautiful! Your little girl is what steals the show though!;) She is precious as precious can be. Thanx for partying this week.

  7. I am never amazed at the things you find to bring home~you are just the luckiest and most creative kind of girl there is! xo

  8. Victoria,
    I love your free spirited approach towards designing your artistic home for yourself and your beautiful daughters. You truly find the most interesting treasures, I love the frame with the lithograph. It adds excitement in your dining room with all the luxe Velvet mismatched chairs. Enchanting room. I can already imagine Jess's rose garden shower hosted by you, it will be what memories are made of.

  9. This is just lovely, Victoria, the whole room suits you and your personality! The lithograph is so cool, it makes a statement and the faded tone makes a nice contrast with the red chairs. I love the roses and the sweet banner. Your daughter is beautiful and she looks just like you. I bet they are both free spirits!

    Have fun planning the shower. What a great idea incorporating her dream of a rose garden...you are a true friend for sure! :)

    Jane xx

  10. Oh my goodness!! I want to be Jess!!! Haha! How fun would it be to be your best friend?! Tons!! She's never going to forget your gift to her. You are a doll. :) Can't wait to see more!!

  11. I'm crazy-in-love with this lithograph, Victoria. The size. The frame. But especially the image. You find (and make) the most amazingly gorgeous things!!!

  12. Oh Victoria, how beautiful it will be! And Fifi's book would come in handy about right now! Her Prairie-Style Weddings is due out in December on the 2nd, it's more of a decorating book in my eyes, because every page is filled with romance. And decorative ideas, truly going to be the book of the year!

    As for your dinning room. It's fab, and love the oversized framed art, it adds that grand in small space feel of shabby chic. I have said this many of times, you so remind me of the older in the late 90's early 2000' Stylist online designs and design books under her artist designer, Tracey Porter. It's the golds, the pinks, reds, mints, robin egg tones that so speak her language back then, and of course now!

    If I still had her book I would send it to you, gladly ! :)

    Take tons of pictures so we can share in the beauty you created for your friend.
    As for emailing you back I will get to it tonight, been so busy creating for my etsy, with new pieces I just listed.
    As for us getting together in California, the drive is a bit far for us and next time we will plan a get together, for sure!!

    See you soon dear,
    Oh that opening next to the door that looks like a window? U know what I see? ....
    I see old rustic French farmhouse style armoire doors acting as shutters to close that spot off when need be. Would that not look so cottage cute? To be able to close that window space up with shutter window coverings :)


  13. Love your newly acquired Art. Looks so dramatic in your living room. I, too, am getting excited about your friend's bridal shower. I look forward to seeing what you will do, but with your creativity, I am sure you can mix some Halloween decor too and it will all work out! Good luck.

  14. LOL at your little one thinking that was a painting of her! That's adorable:) It's a wonderful piece though and goes perfectly in your dining room.

    I'm sure the bridal shower will be absolutely amazing! I agree that roses sound much more romantic and beautiful than pumpkins:) I hope you take lots of pics for us to see!

  15. Gorgeous Victoria. I cannot wait to see the bridal shower. I know it will be beautiful. I am so excited to feature you this Saturday in Spotlight. I know the bloggers will love to read your feature. Have a great rest of the week.

  16. So beautiful! I saw your feature over at Kris's. I'm a happy new follower!
    I Look forward to hanging out at your blog!

  17. Victoria, Came over from your feature at Kris'. I love your talent. You and your girls are very pretty. I have a small home too...but I also love huge paintings. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  18. I was so excited to find you through Kris' feature of Spotlight Saturday. I loved your post. What a great story! I can't imagine what it must have felt like, strange place, strange guys (I would have punched them out. We home grown girls can be meaner than the boys!), strange language. I admire your courage and your growth! You are an artist. Those kiddos are the only art you need! Precious. Beautiful.

  19. Hi Victoria, I have not been here for a while. Saw you featured at Kris's blog. That picture is an amazing find! I love it. Kind of has a slight resemblance of Blue Boy. Little Aurora has so much personality. She just makes me smile! The roses are gorgeous and I know the shower will be as well!

  20. Hi Victoria. I read your post at Kris's this morning and hopped over to introduce myself and thank you for sharing your story. To think how you refused to let the cruel action of those bullying boys define you is pretty amazing. I'm thinking as I write this of how your experience can one day help someone else who suffers injustice. You are so creative with wonderful vision. How blessed those beautiful girls of yours are to have a loving, forgiving, inspiring mommy like you. You've created a storybook home. What little girl wouldn't love to grow up there? Hugs, Nancy

  21. Hi Victoria, I was just introduced to your blog fromKris at Junk Chic Cottage and I'm smitten! ypur are so tLented and your English and writing is amazing! I think your blog is going to be one of my new favorites. Your styling and photography are beautiful. love your home and your girls Re adorable!

  22. Man my spelling on this ipad touch pad is atrocious!

  23. I'm a bit late in reading blogs...just found your feature at Kris's and so happy I did! You are beautiful and your daughters are too. I can only imagine all the girly things going on at your house. :) I love this huge frame! I love mirrors and I could see one in this frame.

    I cannot imagine coming to a new country alone at such a young age and not knowing the language. You are very strong and extremely brave! I'm so sorry you had that experience with the boys ~ kids can be so cruel, unfortunately.

    I'm a new follower and I look forward to getting to know you!