Every girl needs her own fancy chair

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Labor day weekend.  Here?  I found out I don't know how to relax.  It's true.  I can't sit still and do nothing for more than five minutes.  I used to think that might because of my unresolved subconscious issues blah blah blah until I got to lived with my parents for two months this summer.  Since being here, I have never seen my father not be doing something.  I mean the man makes me feel lazy.  Now I know why I am the way I am.  The last time I lived with my parents was over 15 years ago.  Being on my own for 15 years made me really cherish my solitude but also made me realized how much I miss my family.  I have to admit I was feeling really burnt out the last week or so.  I get these highs and lows from projects.  I feel like I am on cloud nine when I finish a big project then I crash.  Like an addict, I am constantly trying to get back to that high.  So...big project after big project until my body pretty much says "Screw you.  I am not moving for you anymore." I took a day off.  Then I found this beauty.

It was the perfect fix I needed.  The last few projects have been all about upholstering and building things.  I miss the therapeutic feeling I get from painting.  I miss the feel of paint brush in my hand and the rush I get from layering paint colors and bringing an image to life.  It was a pretty image but the reality is so much better.  What do you think?

I painted it with a mix of Chalk Paint® in Old White then second coat with Chalk Paint® in Louis Blue and Paris Grey.  I like the idea of different layers of paint color showing through after I distressed it.  I decided to dry brush Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster to give it more life.  Sometimes paint can look flat and Pearl Plaster gives it extra sheen.  It came out beautiful after I gilded the details with Gliders Paste in Antique Gold and dark waxed the chair.

Bella claimed it first.  She has been asking for her own work table for awhile and since she is a big kindergartner now, I thought she deserved her own space. 

I used shabby blue velvet for the seat.  Oh how I love velvet and how unpractical it is with children.  : )

  I decorated her desk with some fancy mason jars and old books.

We will see how long the desk will stay white with these two.

In the mean time, I will enjoy looking at the chair before paint stains cover it.


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  1. Your chair looks amazing!!! I love the color you chose for the seat too...very French:) I'm sure Bella feels like a true Princess sitting at her desk! You are so talented:)

    How nice that you got to spend time with your family! My eldest son is coming in a couple of weeks and I can't wait! He's 24 now so any time I get to spend with him is very special.

  2. Beautiful chair Victoria-the girls are cuties too!

  3. Hi Victoria, I want the chair ...:)
    Place a water proof painters canvas making a small slip cover for the cushion, it will still look chic in their room yet when their not working at the table they can remove it for all it's prettiness. Also cover the top of the desk with several coats of a spray matte-sealer and buff it out with a buffing pad this will protect its finish yet still looking aged with the paint finish and you can then scrub any mishaps of water paints, colored pencils, pen ink, and dress up make-ups right off the piece, well worth a purchase of less then $4.00 a can for the product of 2x coverage rustolin matte sealer spray.

    That chair is divine, you have created a magical princess chair of her own :)

    Come visit the project of painting a column for my bedroom, and painted cypress trees for all things French.


  4. That chair looks so beautiful in front of the mural. I love the way you finished it with the gold paste. I totally agree with ^Victoria^...you are so talented!

  5. Magical! It looks gorgeous and makes me want to paint and finish all my dining room chairs just like it!! Hats off once again girl!

  6. Victoria,
    Beautifully painted and I too adore velvet. Bella is a very lucky girl to enjoy sophisticated loveliness in her room to daydream and create her art in.

  7. Your chair is a real beauty, Victoria!!! You are a genius when it comes to color combinations and lovely finishes! I'm sure Bella will feel like a princess when seated on this gorgeous chair.
    Mary Alice

  8. The chair is magnificent, but those two little beauties sitting on it are the real stars.

  9. Such a pretty portrait of your two adorable daughters……and love how you transformed the chair. Looks so great in front of that gorgeous painting/mural!!! Have a great day (maybe relaxing) day.

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  10. Beautiful girls and now a beautiful chair to enjoy.

  11. Totally love this, thanks for sharing it. The girls are adorable!

  12. love your work and your 2 girls are just dolls. so precious

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