Quiet Sunday Morning

It is starting to feel like Christmas.  Well at least it is starting to feel like it inside.  I love Christmas.  I start listening to Christmas music probably before Halloween.  The girls and I tried to wait as long as we could to start decorating the house but...we gave in today.

Simple Christmas decor.

Aurora was very excited to get her own baby Christmas tree.

I am thinking our little personal hat holder needs some garland around her.

Bella helped her sister decorates the tree until she gets her own.  If only Mommy just stops being lazy and starts painting her room already.  I love mornings like these.  The house is all quiet except for the soft lullaby of Christmas music and children giggling.

I am reminding myself to sit down and be content and to savor every drop of my morning coffee.  I am reminding myself to fill this space with as much love and kindness as possible.  I think our world is in desperate needs of that.

Happy Sunday, friends.



  1. Sounds like a great morning! I am still resisting decorating for Christmas, but I am not sure I can hold out much longer!

  2. Victoria,
    It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in your sweet home. I haven't started to decorate for Christmas yet because I love Autumn and enjoy every moment of it, especially the russets and gold. But even me this year has been excited about Christmas décor. Your home is filled with beauty and love.

  3. I hear yah Victoria on the music at and before Halloween, my daughter was saying to friend the other day that her mom (me) was already listening to Christmas music, any reason to listen to Bing and Bowie the little drummer boy duet!
    As for the trees going up around here, still looking for the perfect one and of course it will be up soon. Making ornaments from salvage, like always :)

    As for your babies getting there own mini trees, I so am on board with this holiday design move, now get busy with the painting so Bella can join in on her own beautiful tree :)

    Love the holiday spirit over here, looking forward to enjoying the holidays with you!


  4. Beautiful post! I have started decorating for Christmas as well. :) Thankyou for this glimpse into your day and your lovely words.
    Jennelise xo

  5. I have to really rein myself in at this time of year also, I get butterflies in my tummy just thinking about Christmas! My husband's a stickler about waiting til the day after Thanksgiving for decorating so I try to honor that but he's great about letting me do what I want:) I'm working on getting a tree for the guest room this year:)

    Oh, you should definitely decorate Aurora's little horse! I found some darling little houses at Joann's today, they're all glittery and have LED lights inside...60% off so only $6 each:) I can't wait to get all my stuff out!!!

  6. Happy Sunday to you and the girls. Still savoring autumn here, but love seeing your touches of the season ahead. ;-)

  7. What a beautiful and sweet post Victoria. Your days sounds perfect. Your girls are so precious and your home is gorgeous.

    I too love quiet Sunday mornings. I am just getting in the Christmas mode. I am starting with a few holiday DIY projects for our home. Christmas is my favorite time of year.

    Have a great week,


  8. Beautiful post and photos into your sweet world. My daughter has her own tree, and as she has gotten older it has become a special tradition. xoxo Su

  9. Hi Victoria,
    Your home is always so sweetly filled with beauty. Love that you are starting your beautiful holiday decor.
    Have a great new week ahead.

  10. Victoria, Sorry I have not been to visit for some time now. I like the decorating you have started with your children. I will wish a beautiful holiday season. Blessings to all, please be safe. xoxo,Susie

  11. Beautiful. You are so talented. Thank you for blogging and sharing your world with us.