Everyday Ballgown skirts

The other day in my blog post about my dream dress, I wrote about my love for ballgown skirts.  I think most people probably thought I was exaggerating when I said I would and do wear it to playgrounds and grocery stores or just walking around the house.  I have been obsessively curating pictures of ballgown skirts on pinterest for awhile now.  Here are a few of my inspirations from pinterest.

How beautiful and flawless are these looks?  I know the idea of wearing a ballgown skirt as an everyday outfit is a bit intimidating but like most things in life, it is all about balance.  I love how these ladies paired their skirts with simple T-shirts.  Crop top looks amazing with ballgown skirts too.  It balances out the heaviness from the skirt.  Have I convinced you try this look yet?  Now you are thinking to yourself where the hell am I going to find myself a ballgown skirt that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.  Make one yourself!  I mean it!  I am a very very novice seamstress<if I can even call myself that.>  After realizing that these skirts cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, I went out and bought myself a pattern.  I used Simplicity 1099 Project Runway Maxi Skirt pattern.  I paid a little over $30 for fabric.  I used heavier almost canvas like fabric.  In one night, I made myself a ballgown skirt.

Here is my very first ballgown skirt.  Instead of using zipper, I used elastic band to make my life easier.  I wear these turban headbands almost everyday.  I will make a tutorial for them soon.

Last night I was going through my stash of fabrics and found this gorgeous floral print my mom brought from Singapore.

Since the fabric is very light weight, I layered it with thick canvas underneath to create more volume.

You can bet I will be rocking these everyday the whole summer.  Sometimes in life, all you need to rock any outfit is a little confidence to know that darling, you really are that fabulous.

PS. I think it might be time I find myself a photographer friend to do more fashion posts?



  1. Victoria you are so right, in this life all it takes is confidence. Plus a outlook to find the magic and beauty in your everyday. For parties I do indulge in some whimsical flowing skirts, often times vintage. You look smashing darling! Come visit my post with my interview I did with Doré. I think you will appreciate all the work I did to write this one.
    Hope you, the girls and Mom and Dad have a delightful weekend.

  2. You look beautiful! I can tell from your pics that you feel beautiful too! :0)

  3. You look beautiful Victoria. Your personality smiles through with your beautiful skirts. Gorgeous.

  4. "Those skirts are so you".. Many years ago I had to make a ballroom gown costume and I too cut corners and added an elastic waistband. I love the mix of a great gown skirt with a casual blouse and perhaps a jean jacket and big heavy peals Chanel like looking.
    Have you thought of looking at thrift shops goodwills and garage sales for nice big prom dresses and cutting the top off easily turning them into a ballroom skirt? If it has a zipper down the back you just take a seam rippers remove the zipper and sew in a shorter zipper with a strip of fabric you for a waistband and add a eye hook holding it together. I bed you could couture any salvaged prom dress find, and don't forget there are all those cheap thrift shop wedding gowns that turned into a skirt will make a beautiful white ballroom skirt with a white shear blouse makes for a perfect White party gown!

    You really rock that blue on blue lean full look.... You jumped off the pages of casual couture magazine pages in super runway look.


  5. So lovely! Really like the last one!

  6. Spectacular. I really love the cloth your mother brought, and it looks beautiful on you. I also love the painted clothes wrack. It's on my list to make for my daughter or find and paint, because she has gorgeous dresses for performances. xoxo Su

  7. You are a star. I would love to see more fashion posts, or anything else that lights you up! I'm inspired to wear a ball gown skirt today!

  8. I wore a black ballgown skirt on New Year's Eve 1999 to ring in the new Millennium...I loved it so much!