Darling, just own it.

I live and breathe for fashion.  Back in my college days, I used to have a weekly fashion and beauty column in my college newspaper.  I could spend hours just flipping through fashion magazines.  I do have one confession to make.  I love menswear more than girly clothing.  I have this creepy habit of walking into men clothing stores and just browse.  I do mental notes of how I would put the outfits together with a bit of feminine touch.  I thought it would be fun to do a weekly fashion column again on this blog.  I am attracted to minimalist menswear inspired clothing or simply menswear chic.  It is a bit tricky living here in New England where most of the time, it is too cold to wear anything "nice."  Here are my essentials for dressing chic in cold weather.  Always invest in a gorgeous coat.  You could be wearing sweats and with the right coat, you will always be casual chic.  I found this amazing over size swing coat with fur collar at a vintage shop this weekend.

 The coat comes down to my mid calf and it is the perfect combination of menswear inspired and old Hollywood glam.

I cannot tell you how many coats I have.  And darlings, do me a favor and get yourself a hat.  I mean it!  There is nothing more glamorous and mysterious than a woman wearing a hat.  I collect felt fedoras in all colors and sizes.  Oh, you forgot to wash your hair?  Put that hat on.  Say what?  You haven't put on a speck of make up?  Put that hat on!  This fedora is new to my collection.  I usually wear all black but I thought this olive green would bring a little more color into my world.

I love the black trim around the edge too.

I put the rest of the outfit together with a tan leather ankle boots and a few accessories.

To me, red lipstick is the perfect accessory.  Chanel makes the best matte red lipsticks that are not drying and stay on longer.  I rarely wear accessories but when I do they are usually black or gold and nothing too girly.  These pair of round mod sun glasses just complete the whole outfit.  

 Here is the whole look again.

Remember there is nothing more attractive than a woman who knows herself.  Darling, Just own it.



  1. Very nice Victoria-I have no flair for fashion-I live by the beach and wear flip flops and dresses ( or sweats) year round!

  2. When I was in H.S I was in every art class that I could take. My art teacher began tutoring me in the off school hours in oil painting. Everyone knew me as an artist...and I dressed the part. I bought most of my clothes at the chic-est thrift shops in Berkeley. I wore grandpa sweaters with plaid wool skirts and penny loafers or combat boots. I caried my art supplies in a vintage fishbox. My Mom disapproved of my style but I felt very free in expressing my art in my fashion. Now my daughter is at University in Berkeley and shops the thrift shops. She is pro- gender neutral and wears mostly mens clothing. She has a very distinct style and has been asked to model. But she is a writer and remains true to her hearts calling. I think your daughters will grow up to be whatever they want because you allow them the freedom to be and dream and give them the courage to fly. They will do it with style!! Love your new haircuts and everything you and your girls wear. Beautiful trois petite filles xxo

  3. Now you just need to share photos of you in that. Love that hat!

  4. Love it!! So much fun shopping and trying on ridiculous outfits just to find the perfect match :)

  5. You should share that at Sally's Blue Monday linky party - that coat is absolutely fabulous!

  6. You have a great eye for fashion. Love that coat.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  7. Fun post, Victoria. You have a great sense of style!

  8. Victoria,
    Really enjoyed this post and you rock whatever outfit you wear with your creative style. I too add vintage to my look. I prefer 40's vintage, hats, gloves, coats and purses ... My Mom was a Runway model in New York City when she was a young woman. Mom had such a fond appreciation and understanding of fashion and I think it wore off on me. I only wear Black so mixing in vintage accessories and fashion is easy since everything goes with Black. I adore hats with attitude, I sometimes wonder if it's because I'm a little shy it gives me confidence especially paired with a vintage purse. Vintage clothing is inexpensive and adds richness to your own unique style, I say go have some fun with fashion no matter your age.
    I've been thinking about you Victoria and your sweet girls with all the snow you have received this Winter. Sending warm wishes and love.

  9. I love the look Victoria. You bring me back to the time I lived in NYC and had the best thrift stores on 9th Avenue. The looks I used to put together were exactly like this one. My addition would be the huge bag I used to carry. Chanel is my go to makeup. Class and quality.

    Stay warm and cozy. Winter here has been brutal this year.


  10. I often find great pieces at our thrift, and very artsy to boot. I would dress my daughter when she was young in fun moppy clothing and doc Martins boots, her friends thought she had the coolest mom and I am so sure they do the same for your girls.
    You my dear are a self expressed artist and it shows in all you do.

    Love to see you model it.

  11. I love the gorgeous photos, and I really enjoyed this. I love, love your unique style, Victoria. My daughter loves fashion, but she is unique and stylish, which is not easy when one is a young teen. She also shops vintage stores.

  12. How fun to see this "side" of you, Victoria! I've never been into real "girly" things either. I much prefer a men's type white shirt and jeans to most other things. I'm short, so a hat looks dorky on me, but both my girls can carry off a Fedora. I think the key is to dress to suit yourself, and that will always make a person more comfortable being themselves. Love the chalkboard art to illustrate the fashion!