Photography and Project I am working on

One of the greatest things about having a blog is that it allows me to explore different mediums of art I wasn't familiar with before.  I knew just from reading other blogs the importance of photography.  I find myself gravitating toward blogs that have gorgeous pictures and photo props.  I guess I am just a very visual person.  Before blogging, I have never own a camera.  Right now I am using Canon Rebel T3 which is an amazing camera but I know there is so much more I need to learn.  It truly is a form of art.  I am taking a five weeks photography class in April and I can't wait to share all that I will learn with you.  Here are a few of the photos I have taken...my two passions in life.  Food and my children.

I love this picture.  Photoshop is the most amazing thing.  I am learning as I go but the possibilities are as endless as your creativity.  The girls really love this picture and now they keep asking if I could turn them into mermaids and fairies.  If you know me, then you will know it will turn into a huge production.

 I share a lot of my photos on instagram.  It usually pictures from our everyday life but sometimes it is fun to get to know the person behind the blog.  Right now I am working on a pair of Hollywood Regency cane wing back chairs for my shop but a friend of mine wants to buy them before I even get a chance to put them up for sale. I already started stripping them and forgot to take pictures but here is a picture I found on pinterest of the same type of chair.


The cushions on mine have been chewed away by the previous owner's dogs.  I am stripping everything including the cane on the sides.  Here are my inspirations for what I want the chairs to look like.

 I want to upholster the sides then use the wooden trims to add more delicate details.  I am going to have to come up something creative to add more curves to the legs.  It will be a fun project.  I hope everyone is staying warm.  It sure is freezing out.  I guess it is the perfect day to take out thousands of staples.  Oh fun.



  1. You Will pull this off as well, adding your magic to every piece you touch.
    You my dear inspire life, and living it to it's breathtaking fullest.
    You inspire in so many youthful directions, keep doing what you love because it loves you right back.


  2. You are truly amazing Victoria! Is there anything you can't do!!! These pics are breathtaking and the food looks so good! Started following you on IG:)

  3. Can't wait to see the chairs and I love the photos!

  4. Oh Victoria your pictures are so lovely. Love the sweetness you capture with the girls photos. Adorable.

  5. Victoria,
    Love your ambition and passion ... It will provide you with many fun and exciting projects. Looking forward to your recreation on the chairs.

  6. You continue to amaze me, Victoria... now photography. I do hope you share what you learn along the way.

  7. Can I just say your girls are adorable!!!

  8. Victoria, your photography has already improved from your earlier images. Love your inspiration chairs. Can't wait for the reveal of your own. It's freezing up here in Montreal too......so much that my chalk paint is cracking as it dries!!!!!!!

  9. Beautiful as always! Congrats on your photography class!- I have been thinking of doing something similar for awhile now. You inspire me! :) I love your photos and I can't wait to see what you learn. Happy New Year! Your blog is one of my favourites!

  10. How did I not know you had an instagram! I love your blog and now I can be addicted on instagram too! :)