Oh Delphiniums

My love for delphiniums know no boundaries.  I love them as much as my roses.  Delphiniums just scream cottage garden to me.

Every year I find myself buying more and more delphiniums to add to different gardens.  They can be seen in almost every picture behind almost every flower.

After a heavy rain this morning, I found some of my delphiniums on the ground.  As much as it breaks my heart to cut them from the garden, I brought a few into the house to enjoy.

Is there anything better than a cart full of fresh flowers?  They are beautiful as is but I find myself picking up a vase or two to place them around the house.

Our local nursery has a bunch more delphiniums and nobody buys them around here!  Most don't even know what they are.  I was told there will be a plant sale for the week of July 4th.  Can you feel the temptations?  

 Oh Delphiniums, you have my whole heart.



  1. It wouldn't be a cottage garden without delphiniums! Yours are lovely, both inside and out.

    Last year, a deer bit mine off just as they came into perfect bloom. So I brought them inside and hung them to dry - they dry beautifully and then can be enjoyed year-round!

    Love your bar cart with fresh flowers, Victoria! Enjoy the rest of June.

  2. Beautiful! I had the prettiest ones last year-a lovely shade of pale peach and another lavender. Neither came back this year...I was so sad! Not sure what went wrong....