Flower carpet roses

Can you believe June is almost over?  My gardening season is half way done and I am just getting started!!  My fellow gardeners can understand that the tweaking and adding and subtracting and weeding in the gardens never end.  It seems though I am just weeding and adding more and more plants.  I don't think I have ever shown you my flower carpet roses before.  They usually are the last roses to bloom.   

This little rose garden bed is right by the road and there is a small patch of grass between this and my cottage garden.  


 Here are some of the colors from the front yard garden.  I find that by July, I have very few blooms in the garden.  I need to add more late summer blooming plants.


This is the view from my bedroom window...clematis filled arbor.

I added two perennial foxgloves last week.  We shall see if they really come back.

May your days be filled with blooms and may your heart be filled with happy contentment.



  1. Victoria your roses are beautiful and your photos gorgeous as always. And I love how the you planted the clematis to climb up your arbor. It is so hot here our garden hasn't been getting much love lately. We'll get back to it though when it cools off.
    xo Sally

  2. Victoria,
    The carpet roses look beautiful, your garden looks lush and full. I imagine a wet Spring has helped, except when they weigh down the flowers. You've accomplished beauty and colorful happiness in your garden.

  3. Victoria, I see your fences are covered with beautiful flowers. ;-)
    Thank you for the visit to Hyacinths and for the thoughtful comment. Your garden is a treasure!

  4. Very pretty Victoria-I love all your roses and flowers and pictures on IS too!

  5. Gorgeousness! But, I miss your beautiful girls....they always make your posts stand out with their sweetness!

  6. I love how your garden is evolving. What a beautiful site to look at each day. I admire your dedication. I just planted some roses for the first time this year. I do want to add some climbing roses, any suggestions on what species are easiest to grow?

  7. Breathtaking... I loved your fridge when I first found you and I easily recreated one like yours. Alas, my heart cries, as there is no way I could ever recreate the breathtaking beauty of your garden. We are retired and live 3 different places during the year...never enough time to truly take care of everything. Plants are in the budget every where we go but goodness gracious...I do not have your green thumb. I love looking at your beds. Thank you for sharing their beauty.

    1. Thank you, Cece. I am so happy you did your fridge project. Have you try planting flowers in containers? They are beautiful but less work.