Easy Turban Headband

I love turbans.  Turban of all kinds.  I love full blown turbans.  I love scarf turbans.  I love turban headbands.  I have to admit I wear turban headbands almost everyday.  They are just so easy yet oh so chic.  The girls, especially Aurora, has been known to spot a turban on several occasions.  Turban headbands are also very easy to make.  You all know how awful I am at writing up tutorials.  So instead of writing one for you and confusing you even more, I found a really good tutorial with lots of clear pictures.  Check out this tutorial  from  Life Is Beautiful blog. Yesterday was such a gloomy and rainy day and I thought it would be the perfect day to sew some turban headbands for us...matching ones, of course.

 I tried to get all three of us to be in the picture but it was near impossible.  This was the closet one I got.

Now go get your turban on.



  1. You and your girls are so beautiful. The turbans look great!

  2. My sister wears them amazingly, she just went on a cruise and all white with a black turban.
    My daughter wears them the head band narrow ones, and all kinds of headbands, I have been wanting to try one myselft.... Perhaps I should?

    You make turban wearing so vogue!

    Looks like you had fun with your fashion show....oh and I love that dress, you tire of it you can send it my way :)


  3. You all look beautiful in your turban headbands! I'm in a permanent ponytail here in FL. In So Cal I used to blow it dry then flat iron it but it's always so hot and humid here that it'll go curly anyway, plus we got so much rain! A turban would definitely work though, I'll have check out the tutorial:)

  4. You all look very chic. Victoria you sure know how to strike a pose ... simply lovely. Love, love, LOVE your dress. I've never tried a Turban but I do wear small (narrow) headbands.

  5. You and your girls are awsomely BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I agree with everyone...you and your girls are amazingly gorgeous! I love the turbans and that fabric, too.

  7. Beautiful!! I will have to try it :)