Crazy Chair Lady

I think it might be fair to say that I am turning into a crazy chair lady.  I have chairs.  I collect chairs.  People give me chairs.  Chairs remind people of me.  So this was the case with this little vintage chair.  A friend of mine found it at a local Savers and bought it for me.


It had broken cane on the side.  I stripped it down to its bare bone.  It was the perfect size for Bella's room and she even picked out what she wanted me to reupholstered it with.  Faux Fur and Velvet.  Yup, that is my child.  Here is Bella's chair all beautified.

I decided to use two different color velvet for contrast.

It is the perfect chair for her little desk.

Of course, the chair also got gold leaf treatment.

I might be obsessed with this new dark moody room.  The room isn't always this dark.  Actually it is the brightest room in the house with lots of windows.  I love the moodiness of the black wall when the sun sets.  

It took a six year old child to push me out of my comfort zone but I can honestly say this might be my our favorite room in the house.

I think this pretty chair adds a little drama into the room.

Wishing everyone the happiest of Holidays!!




  2. You did a beautiful job as always! Love, love, love and so enjoy following you on IG. Your girls are beyond gorgeous and sweet! :)

    Jane x

    1. Thank you, Jane! My IG is turning into the girls' IG. lol

  3. Victoria Wow do I love Bella's chair! Beautiful job.

  4. I think you are the "crazy Chair Lady" in a FAB way! Love the creative and inspiring chair and the fact that is just what Bella wanted! Major Mom points earned!

    1. Thank you, my friend. I really had fun with this one. Usually I am so stuck on what comfortable for my taste.

  5. Love the re love of this beautiful chair. So sweet and beautiful. Great job.

  6. This is gorgeous! You and your daughter have collaborated beautifully!

  7. She's got great taste, this is wonderful! It's helping me deal with my own dark walls, too!

  8. Crazy your not! Brave you are! I love your adventurous side when it comes to designing Victoria, and you know I do from the very beginning when you opened up your blog and we found each other to support in our creative journey.... Keep up the craziness this is what we adore about you :)

    As for your visit to my Christmas production, please give it some thought as to joining in with a production next year... A year goes by so fast so get planning. You can take a simple ornate or plain drawer, a box of nothingness, and with some old frames and spindles or Charon legs for columns you too could make a theatre that has your stamp of design all over it. It could be a magical place for your girls to create storylines and scrips for a theatrical production or a musical.

    Paper dolls can be copied even from a favorite book, this is something creative you can share with your girls, they having a big part in creating... I know you could make one of these theatre's with no heavy thought put into it... Start with a wood box, a wood floor cut into planks and let your imagination go wild.

    Have a Merry Christmas my dear, love to you and your girls this season


  9. Victoria I join in with Doré saying yes please join us next year for our Christmas presentations. Your daughters and you would add a creative "craziness" (please never change) to the productions. i can see you using an old wine wooden box or drawer and hot gluing your book spines to it and producing a perfectly fitting literary play.

    Thank you sweet friend for your kind comment on being front row for my play, followed by the wedding. Imagination and play is brought together to entertain and please say yes you'll join in next year.

    Wishing you and your precious daughters a magical Christmas.
    Sending love,

  10. Such an amazing room. Your daughter has picked up your artistic talents. :)
    Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!