Community Dinner Party

Do you sometimes feel like we all live inside bubbles?  The kind of bubbles we built for ourselves to feel safe and comfortable...but at the same time, we get too comfortable that we lose our sense of adventure and wonder.  I have been feeling that a lot lately.  I miss the kind of feelings you get when you meet a complete stranger and somehow you end up having the most rewarding and amazing conversation with that person.  I miss the kind of conversation where you leave feeling inspired and your soul is filled with so much happiness. So I decided to host a dinner party where strangers would get together and converse over great food and wine.

The concept of the dinner party is almost like a pot luck dinner.  I pick a cook book and everyone who will attend the dinner choose a recipe from the book and bring it to the party.  I set up the table with fresh flowers and my vintage china.

I picked A Kitchen in France by Mimi Thorisson.  Not only are the recipes amazing, the photography is so inspiring.

I made Roast chicken with Creme Fraiche and Herb.  Delish!

Nothing make me more happy than seeing people enjoying good food and great conversations.  The owner of the cafe, Pan'e Dolcetti, made this out of this world delicious poached pear dessert from the book.

Strangers are just friends we haven't met.  My soul is very happy tonight.


  1. Good for you - and it's difficult (and expensive) to host dinner parties alone, so it's unique you made it a fun potluck sort of thing!

    You table pics are awesome - and the one with people even better! The food looks so yummy.

  2. What a fun idea! The table looks gorgeous and the food looks delicious:)

  3. Looks like a fun and magical night!

  4. It was a beautiful, fun and delicious night!!!!!

  5. This is awesome Victoria. I love this idea. How fun and creative. What a wonderful way to make this big world we live in feel smaller and more intimate. Love this post today.

  6. What a wonderful eventful night, you as host! ... it couldn't have been more fun!
    The photos a beautiful, and out of the wonderful French book of taste, I bet the meal was a divine tasting delight.

    Love the chicken a great choice.

    Now onto Christmas here, I will enjoy all you inspire, what's in the works for you my dear.


  7. Victoria,
    What a delightful concept for a dinner party. Your chicken looked ever so yummy and the photography of the evening quite magical. I think participation of a dinner with strangers is refreshing bonding experience.
    Looking forward to your holiday posts and all you inspire.

  8. I can definitely understand your emotions. Sometimes we just get too comfortable in our own world and forget to connect with others outside our comfort zone. I host an annual dinner for neighbors. Most of them do not know each other so it makes me very happy to see them talking and bonding.

    I am so happy for you. You pulled it off beautifully sweet friend. That is such a great feeling.


  9. It is beautiful Victoria and so meaningful.

  10. Thanks a ton dear for these details about this dinner party. It seems so fun and the food also looks very yummy. Anyway, I am also going to host a party at Chicago event space could you please recommend a good planner for my party?