Summer roses

Today is officially the first day of summer vacation.  The sun is shinning and flowers are blooming.  Children are having melt downs.  Oh the glories of summer.  All of my drift roses and knock out roses are doing their things.  It is such a beautiful sight.  I want to keep adding more and more.  Is that normal?

David Austen's Golden Celebration

Pink and Peach drift roses.  

Delphiniums are just starting to bloom.  The girls and I try to spend most of our time outdoor.  We looked for fairies.


Aurora's favorite thing to do every morning is to go through my vintage hats collection and my lipsticks.

I found this gorgeous vintage gray fur felt sailor hat.  She got to it before me.

You can see my driveway rose garden behind her.

Happy Monday!



  1. So gorgeous! All of it! She has great taste! xoxo She reminds me of my daughter at that age. You have inspired me to go back and post that photo of my daughter in front of the armoire when she was little; she has my jewelry on. I also love your giant Monet print! You were lucky you were not hurt, but it was so funny the way you told the story.

  2. Love the roses and the girls in the hats!

  3. Awwww, how darling are they! I have all boys so I never went through all this girly stuff but my oldest son did like to wear my heels when he was about two. Luckily, he got over that phase by age three:) Your flowers look amazing, a true country garden!

  4. Your roses are beautiful, Victoria! What a magical place to spend much time with your darling daughters!
    Mary Alice

  5. I'm sure there are fairies in your garden, Victoria ~ it is so lovely, and your daughters are adorable. Happy Summertime!

  6. I just bought 20 roses on sale the other day, i just kept adding, and adding, and I coudn't say no!!! lol I am so glad you also have a rose addiction! :)

  7. First of all Victoria, your girls are so beautiful and play with colour just like you, (Aurora's painted lips red)
    Love your gardens of natural beauty.
    Looking forward what inspires you next :)


  8. Hello!!! I've been moving as you know, so I haven't been here for a while, but now we are in our new place and I have a chance to catch up on all the wonders of blogland!! May I first say that I stand in awe of your wonderful new painting! Amazing, and so very perfect for you! Your garden is lovely too, and also perfect for you! As always, I love your vision and your passion but what I find most inspiring is your dedication to making for yourself and your girls your own life, the life you want and envision. I find that so very inspiring and energizing!

    1. Sara Marie, hope your move went well. I am not a fan of moving or packing but after all of that is done, I LOVE redecorating everything. Thank you so much for your kind words. Summer is a bit slow for us here. A lot of playground and library time...so I haven't done a lot of fun projects.

  9. Your little girls are just beautiful. Their eyes are captivating I also love your great big he art! I am so glad to have found your blog. I hope you will come visit mine as well.

    1. Thank you so much! I was enjoying all of the eye candies on your blog.