How big is your he-ART?

How big is your art??  Mine?  It is pretty big and I love it!  Sometimes I have these larger than life visions. Most of the times they stayed as visions but other time they become slight obsessions and I think about them until they become a reality.  Well, this is one of those cases.

Of course this isn't the original Monet's painting but it is an oil painting on canvas of Monet's "Madame Monet and her son."  It is over nine feet high and over seven feet wide.  I first saw this painting hanging by the window at Fancy That Antique shop where I bought my gorgeous French cabinet.

Claude Monet has a huge influence on my life.  I can relate to his art whether through his paintings or gardens.  So, do I think it was fate that allowed me to own a little piece of Monet?  I think so.  This is the original painting.


The original has more green tint to it but mine has the perfect amount of blue to blend seamlessly into my living room wall.  The painting was given to the shop owners Christian and his wife Katie as a wedding gift.  Because of its large size, they put it in their shop window.  They weren't sure if they could let it go either which I don't blame them.  Of course, I went home and thought and thought about it.  I had the perfect spot for it in my living room and I really wanted the girls to grow up around art and be surrounded by it.  I went back a few days ago to ask about it again and guess what?? It is now all mine!  MINE!! Ok, now I can go to sleep and stop obsessing about it.

My ceiling is about eight feet high which meant I had to figure out how I can lean this painting by the wall.  Now, most smart people would think this through logically and wait until there is another person who weighs more than forty pounds to help them.  I am not most smart people and I am nothing if not overly ambitious and ridiculously impatient.  Lets just say I found myself trapped underneath a nine foot tall painting in my living room.  After hearing all the loud crashing and me screaming, the girls came running out of their room and Aurora yelled, "Mommy died!"  Ok, chill out, Ms. drama queen.  This was one of those very few times where it sucks to be a single woman who hasn't work out in six months.  I had to call a babysitter to come and help me lift the painting to its place...but boy, was it worth it?  The girls are so smitten by it.  Actually the first thing Bella said when she saw the painting in the living was "Mommy, what is Mary Poppins doing in our living room?"

When else am I ever going to find a painting like this again?

I know my house doesn't look like your typical home but what is a home really?  Isn't it where we collect things that define us?   A place that shows who we are as people and where we have been? Where we surround ourselves with love?

 A home is a novel that keeps on writing and a story is only as interesting as people who live it.  I like to think that our home tells a story that is pretty epic...and when you walk in, you might wonder to yourself...yeah those chicks...they got some interesting stories to tell.


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  1. It is wonderful. Monet is my favorite artist so I would of had sleepless nights over that painting too. I cannot believe the shop owners parted with such an treasured wedding gift.

    Keep writing your story through the way you live... It is beautiful. Home is where your heart is. Mine too.

    xxo kerrie

    1. The girls and I are reading all of the Monet's garden books right now. I couldn't believe they could part with it either, Kerri...but I can't complain because now it is mine. : )

  2. "Mommy died!" ROFL! That's just too funny! Yes, it's a very large painting but somehow, you've made it work beautifully:) It looks amazing. My brother was an art history major in college so he was constantly schooling me on the great artists...Monet being one of them of course.

    Your girls are breathtakingly gorgeous! I hope you're preparing yourself for the line up of boys you'll have outside the front door eventually! Have a wonderful weekend Victoria and keep inspiring us:)

  3. I love how you live through your heart, Victoria! You are so inspiring!! That painting is AMAZING and perfect for you and your darling beautiful girls. LOVE the photo shoot with them!!!
    Mary Alice

  4. Great Painting and love the girls in their dress up!

  5. I love the painting like my ladder I too had to lean it to get it to fit the space it rest in. Your painting is a work of art in your home, I see it's beauty as a perfect fit to the pieces you design around.
    You have the best eye for pieces that tell their own life story. As for your story keep on writing it with the help of the lost pieces that find there way Into your home life.

    I need not tell you how much I love your homes style and pieces you design around, I have made mention of it each and every visit :)
    Your painting is going to inspire you in so many ways.
    Enjoy the beauty of a painting you have longed for, let it inspire you in more ways then can be imagined.

    See you soon,
    I have been painting my roses again and working up to an art post myself.
    Come visit soon.


  6. oh its epic alright! I love your take on how things should be. I totally agree. And I loved hearing your kids view on the painting being like Mary Poppins. Its awesome!

  7. I thought I knew Renoir's painting 'The Umbrellas' from photographs in books until I saw it in person. The colors!!! The size!!! I cried, it was so amazing.

    Your Monet is like having your very own art museum, Victoria! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  8. Great post! Thanks for sharing this information. I gained quite a lot of knowledge after reading your blog thank you.

  9. Ooooh, I just love this - it's perfect! Swoooon!!!

  10. The painting in your home is gorgeous! You have great style.

  11. I think your home is absolutely delightful!

  12. What a wonderful happy post! I could just feel your happiness coming through your printed words. I too love Claude Monet and have been inspired by his art for over 30 years now. I truly believe that without knowing his art something very important would be missing inside of me. I think that it is wonderful that you choose to expose your child to beautiful art in your home!

    Gigi @ Old World Patina

  13. Your 'Monet' is so perfect for your home Victoria. Not everyone could pull off a 9' tall piece of art in their living room, but you do it so beautifully. And those adorable girls of yours are the perfect accent to a masterpiece. You are creating such an eclectic vintage setting for them to grow and explore in - love it!!
    I'm delighted to be featuring this at Shabbilicious Friday tomorrow.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  14. It's looks just lovely and it is one of my favorite Monet's! In fact I have this one in my bed room, a lot smaller of course! Did you know that the painting is of Monet's wife and son? I love how it worked in perfectly in your living room! Your girl's are beautiful and their photos in front of the painting is what's priceless!
    Keep up your Lovely work!
    LuAnn ;)

  15. Victoria, I LOVE this! I love the story. The painting. Your beautiful girls. You are making this house your home and I love the analogy of creating your own story. Beautiful x

  16. C'est magnifique! une super idée, je vais réfléchir à peindre une grande toile inspirée par un maître impressionniste dans mon salon