Vintage room for the girls

I hate painting.  By that I mean painting walls.  I think I am just all painted out.  There was a time not too long ago when all I did almost everyday was painting every single wall in the house.  It was extremely therapeutic. Now?  Not so much.  I knew I had to paint the girls' room but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  Partly because I don't want to paint any more wall but mostly because I knew I have to paint over the murals I painted for Aurora.

Good Bye Hundred Acre Wood!

Good Bye Snow White!  Bella has been relentless about getting a room "just like Mommy's."  So B painted the room so I could get started with what I do best...fun decorating!  I never realized how opinionated my children are about decorating!  Let just say there was a lot of compromising.  They wanted "Rainbows all over! My little ponies prancing around!!  How about Ariel swimming somewhere??!!"  Of course I wanted something neutral, vintage, French...but I had to keep reminding myself this is their room.  And this is where we met in the middle.

I gave them choices with their bedroom color and they went with pink.  Ok I can do that.

I found these vintage iron beds from my two favorite flea markets.  Both for less than $100.  All Shabby and chippy goodness.

I really didn't want to spend a lot of money redoing their room.  So I told them to shop the house.  Oh boy, did they shop the house...more like my bedroom.  The moment I said it, Bella ran straight to my bedroom and started pointing out everything she wanted.

My pink velvet chair.  I spray painted a tree branch and used it to hang their accessories and tutus.  The room is pretty small.  By the time I put two beds and a dresser in, there was no more room.  I knew all of my decorations have to be on the wall.

My adorable mirror.  I really wanted the room to be a little bit more grown up but still have that fairy tale whimsy feel.  I have been collecting birdcages for awhile.  So I made a wall out of them.

My angel wings.  Sweet little vignettes.

 The girls love it.  I think it is the perfect place to read the day away.

And to wonder if the world outside is as magical as their own little magical space.

I have to say...I could so live in this room.


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  1. I love the room and think you did a fabulous job--LUCKY girls! I recently re-did my daughter's room to a teenager room and my daughter had some definite opinions! Have a good weekend!

  2. Victoria, it's so enchanting. I love it... every little detail. xoxo

  3. Your daughters' room truly is magical!! What fun letting them "shop the house." Their beds are darling; I love the tree branch idea as well as the wall of birdcages. Everything is so girly and perfect!!
    Mary Alice

  4. It looks gorgeous! What lucky girlies they are:) How precious that they want their room to look like yours, they love their mama:)

  5. You have so many wonderful talents...the murals! Awesome! And this room...magical. You need to come and do a few rooms in my house! :)

    Your girls are precious!


  6. A beautiful room for two beautiful precious girls! Life is good :)

  7. I could live in this room too.....enchanting!

  8. Your daughters are so beautiful, Victoria, and I love their gorgeous big-girl room!
    Have a great weekend together!

  9. Ohh my goodness! How adorable!! I really love the whimsy of the birdcages floating in the corner and their bedding and bed frames are so darling! Great job! :)

  10. So sweet! The two girls and their room. Lovely. x

  11. Another great room by you and your girls are so cute!

  12. I love it - it's perfect! Your girls must adore it.

  13. The perfect little girls take on vintage Victoria. They are blessed little girls to have such beauty all around them. Love the birdcages too.