Easy Floral crowns.

This is a long over due post.  When I hosted my best friend, Jess's garden bridal shower, I had a few people asked me about a flower crown tutorial.  I know it is like six months late but here it is.

I think most of you are aware of my obsession with flowers.  I usually have an abundant amount of them in the house.  I am also so lucky to have a man who feeds my addiction.  This morning B sent me all these flowers and I have been on cloud 9 ever since.  As I was putting them around  the house, I thought this would be the perfect day to make some flower crowns.

Of course you will need your choice of flowers.  I find that flowers with smaller buds are easier to work with.

You will need a scissor, a floral wire and floral tape.

Twist two wires together to create a circle.  Put it on your head to make sure it fits.  I like to put floral tape around the parts where the ends are sticking out.

Now all you have to do is cut the flowers and tape them around the wire with the floral tape.  You can either go all the way around the circle or just do it half way like I did here. 

Quick and easy.

Do you realize how much bribing I had to do to take this one picture?

Lily, on the other hand, is always ready with a pose.



  1. Beautiful, Victoria. I do know! My daughter was in the garden with me, but not for pictures, and all I captured were her skirt and legs. And guess what she was wearing! She was wearing a ballet pink tule skirt that we bought in Austria last year; it goes to her knees and she paired it with a tee that has a deer on it. The photos only get less for a while. I love your crowns, and will have to make some. How wonderful to have a man that sends you flowers all the time. xoxo Su

  2. Florals just seem to agree with you, and all your models look beautiful in them.

    Makes me truly want to fill my home with the scent of flowers.


  3. Beautiful! What a fantastic bunch of flowers - I would have been thrilled too! :) Your girls are so pretty - I love their little solemn faces in your photo. Take care!

  4. The photo of Lily with a floral crown is so so beautiful. Your abundance of roses...heavenly. xo

  5. Your daughters are so precious...and the pooch. Someday they'll be happy to have these small reminders.

  6. Whenever I see a pretty mixed floral bunch of shades of pink I think of you! I can imagine just how divinely fragrant your home smells with all the flowers gifted by B. Very sweet man, who knows how to grace your heart. Your crowns are pretty and the girls look adorable wearing them with their Tutu's. Lily is a perfect model. Victoria tonight House Hunters international had an episode filmed in your homeland, looks so beautiful there. Please take tons of photos to share when you and your daughters visit this Summer.

  7. These floral crowns are exquisite, Victoria!! The buckets of gorgeous flowers fit perfectly in your beautiful home. BTW, I think I need that table in the first photos...it's fabulous!! :-)
    You always give us so much inspiration when you invite us into your home!
    Mary Alice

  8. haha I think they look adorable...love your floral crowns.

  9. I love flowers too! There is something about flowers that just puts me in a good mood. Love that portrait of your daughters and Lilly too!
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  10. So many BEAUTIFUL flowers! The photo shows how much your girls are growing. They are both so pretty. And Lily looks gorgeous too. :)
    Have a happy one, Victoria!

  11. Thank you for the tutorial. Love your models!

  12. Lovely post! I will try this too. Especially like your little puppy. She has such a nice profile and looked almost as if she felt proud of her crown! Like meant to wear one everyday proud. Hoping when you are back from your trip you will give us more Burmese recipes. I am craving the recipe I used that you gave us and hope to make it soon again.

  13. Victoria,
    Your daughters are so adorable. You really should submit their pictures to an agent for modeling. They are so gorgeous. Love the rose crowns. They are sooooo pretty.

  14. Oh, I'm so happy to see that you got both girls to pose for you...they are gorgeous, as always!
    And I cannot believe how much your Lilly looks like our Gucci! What breed is she? Gucci is a schichon..you should pop over and see him sometime!

  15. Your daughters are sooooo BEAUTIFUL! LOVE to get your posts. Pics are beautiful and you are so creative.

  16. These are beautiful! Lily looks like a shabby chic princess pup. When my daughter was little she made ivy crowns for herself and her friends. She spent so many summers running around barefoot, dirty feet with an ivy crown.
    xo Sally

  17. Oh be still my heart. Your flowers are magnificent Victoria and your daughters are so so beautiful. You did pretty good at bribing them because the picture looks perfect..

    I need to get myself one of these crowns.

    Wishing you a wonderful week,