Planning my dream bedroom

The plans for my bedroom redo is finally coming together.  I have a small bedroom with your usual old ceiling fan and mirror sliding closet doors.  My bedroom was the first room I painted white after my ex moved out.  I remembered waking up the next morning and felt the lightness and brightness of the room and also felt the lightness of my heart.  Then I forgot about my bedroom and focused on the rest of the house.  Now it seems like it is time to focus on my own sanctuary.  I want to combine my love of shabby prairie look and my love for gilded French glamour...all in a very small space.  I found some beautiful inspirations on pinterest.  You ready to daydream with me?  Lets start with plank walls.  Love them. Have to have them.  

I am thinking about painting a coat of creamy white then a coat of pale pale pink on top.  Sand it down to achieve that perfect distressed and chippy look.  For my birthday, my grandmother got me a beautiful vanity.  This is what it looks like.

The picture is from the flea market's facebook page.  I love all the details and I know I am going to have a lot of fun painting it.  I do have to be careful about my choices of paint colors because of other pieces in the room.  I am thinking about Paris grey and glamorizing the mirror with gilded rose appliques.  Now onto the bed.  Right now I have a white iron bed from IKEA.  I don't love it but it is cute.  I have been looking for those beautiful French beds but why must they be sooo expensive?? So I told myself...one day.  Well that one day was today.  I didn't have the girls today so I skipped along to my favorite flea market not looking for anything in particular.  Guess what I found?  My dream bed.  Yes I did.  Guess how much I paid for. $58.  I mean...really.  It still sitting in the back of my car because I can't carry it in myself.  It has the most gorgeous chippy green paint.  I am struggling because though it is pretty on it own, it won't fit in well with the rest of what I plan to do with the room.  Here are a few inspirations.  My bed doesn't look exactly like these but if I add appliques, it could.

I really love this color combos.  Don't you?  I feel like it is still so beautiful yet not busy.

I am also planning to replace my ceiling fan with a chandelier.  Now, for the most exciting project of my bedroom.  Re imagining my mirror sliding closet doors.  First I thought I will replace them with actual doors then I thought maybe I can build barn doors.  Then I realized, who are you kidding?  You can't build to save your life.  Ok, let think outside the box.  So that is what I did.  Here are my inspirations.  

Can you imagine it?  Imagine outdated mirror sliding closet doors to this.  Just in case you haven't noticed yet, I have a typical artist's obsessive personality.  Once I have an idea, I don't stop until it is done.  It is almost unhealthy which is why I had to switch my major from art to journalism.  That is a story for another day. The good thing is I have two little girls who stop me and make me realize there is more to life.  It is hard but I need it.  So one small step at a time.  It is the journey that is important, right?  And I am ready.


  1. Love reading/seeing what inspires you, Victoria. And I know it will be amazing!

  2. You have such wonderful ideas - your bedroom is going to be fantastic!!!!! So glad I found your blog, I love your decorating style.

  3. You have some really great ideas! Looking forward to following along with you!

    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  4. I thought I'd share a company with you that sells flexible appliques that you steam and place .Easy Peasy and stainable and PAINTABLE! They are SO much easier to work with than the hard wooden ones and if your new bed has curves, then probably necessary. The company is Bomar Designs.
    good luck

    1. Thank you so much! It is exactly what I have been looking for!!

  5. Love your inspirations pictures. It's going to be gorgeous when it's done.

  6. OMG yes you could totally add appliques! I just started carrying them in my shop and have been doing little projects like my mantle. Shopmaisondecor.com have a look! So pretty!! Anyway I have a similar esthetic of loving the french gilded grand look to a more rustic shabby setting. I changed my bathroom closet doors to try to capture the look that you want to do to your bedroom closet doors. That was before I had a store, and so I went to Lowes and found wood appliques and added them to the 6 bifold doors to create my own Paris apartment doors. Gilded, with taupe and a salmon pink. Now I wish I had the prettier more detailed moldings that I have access too, but all in all, it made a big difference in how the master bathroom feels. I blogged about it too if you want to search my blog and see how they came out.

  7. We have the same taste, Victoria. I love vintage bedroom designs and your dream bedroom is ultimately close to what I have sketched in my mind. Vintage look just always gives me a homey feeling, which is why I fell in love with the style in the first place. Those carved closet doors scream beautiful. Anyway, I hope your dream bedroom comes to life soon. Thanks for sharing that with us. They truly are inspiring designs. :)

    Justin Garrett @ Buzz Homes

  8. Amazing inspiration photos. Each bed is gorgeous! Look forward to seeing what you do with the doors.